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Diversity at the Cloud Foundry Summit

Last week at the inaugural Cloud Foundry Summit, now run by the new Cloud Foundry Foundation, we had a unique opportunity to gather and discuss gender diversity. 125 women attended a luncheon that included a keynote on the gender gap in technology, as well as a panel discussion that focused on gender diversity in an open source software community. The discussion that followed really showed the need for a continuing conversation, as well as offered up solutions that other companies were implementing that could enable teams to become more diverse.

IoT: The New Normal

Last year, mobile became the new normal for the internet, overtaking PCs for the lead in how users access the internet. Powered by advancements made through this mobile revolution, the industry is on the precipice of a new, bigger revolution: the Internet of Things (IoT). With two thirds of global GDP considered industrial, as IoT takes root, it is set to disrupt the face of every industry it touches. To keep up and compete, increasingly companies are first reinventing how they develop software, leaving the undifferentiated heavy lifting of running apps to a platform, and focusing on developing and releasing innovation faster.

Pivotal Perspectives—An Update On Geode And The New Pivotal Query Optimizer

In this week's episode we cover a couple of important updates in the world of Big Data and Fast Data. Firstly, we discuss the new Apache Software Foundation Incubator project called Geode—which releases the core of Pivotal GemFire as true open-source software. Finally, Simon explores the new Pivotal Query Optimizer, the new cost based optimizer that is part of the new Pivotal Greenplum Database release.

By The Numbers: A Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 Recap

Coming off the heels of the Cloud Foundry Summit, the Pivotal team is excited about all of the activities that happened there. This post highlights the event, including: the top 30 tweets, 10 Pivotal customer sessions, 10 Pivotal employee sessions, as well as recommended blog articles and key media quotes. Enjoy!

Pivotal Conversations—Sam Ramji, CEO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation

How do you organize the work around building a shared cloud platform between vendors and actual users of that platform? That’s exactly what the Cloud Foundry Foundation was setup to manage and what Coté discusses with Sam Ramji in this episode. In talking about the mechanics of the Cloud Foundry Foundation we compare and contrast it to other open source foundations and also discuss what to expect over the next year.

Build Newsletter: Open Source, Data Platforms, Mobile, Containers & PaaS—May 2015

The May issue of Build brings some of the latest, most important events for developers and architects who are working on innovative digital strategies and realize their applications are at the intersection of cloud, big data, agile development, and advanced analytics. This month, we cover EMC World, the Open Data Platform initiative (ODP), Pivotal HAWQ, Pivotal Big Data Suite, Real-time big data and big memory, stock prediction architectures, Python, PHP, Ruby, Go, Spring, containers, PaaS, IoT, and mobile apps.

Pivotal People—Mark Secrist on Big Data Education, Open Source Software, and Free Training

Training on big data, in-memory, data science tools have never been more popular. With over 25 years of development and training in his background, Pivotal’s Mark Secrist, the first U.S. based trainer for the Spring Framework at VMware, gives us a question and answer session about Pivotal training (including the free training). He explains why he is passionate about training, where Spring overlaps with Pivotal Big Data Suite, and the differences between open and closed source product training. He also explains that we are hiring in his department.

Pivotal Perspectives—Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Amazon Web Services

Whilst you have always been able to deploy Cloud Foundry onto Amazon Web Services using BOSH—you needed good BOSH skills to make it happen. With version 1.4 of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, this is now all handled by the Ops Manager.

New GE Performance Whitepaper Shows Pivotal GemFire To Be Industrial Strength

A technical white paper recently published by GE Power & Water and GE Global Research highlights the benefits of running Pivotal products for storing large amounts of data, while simultaneously taking in new data and deploying real-time analysis. The paper focuses on a series of performance, stability and load tests that GE did on Pivotal GemFire. The results of the tests were impressive, with the final round running for 5 days, ingesting 100K points per second and storing three days’ worth of replicated high-velocity data in memory across a large cluster of 46 machines.

Pivotal HD Adds Apache Hadoop Components, Cozies Up To ODP

Less than 90 days after helping establish and joining the Open Data Platform initiative, Pivotal has announced the availability of Pivotal HD 3.0, now aligned with the standardized Open Data Platform (ODP) core consisting of Apache Hadoop® and Apache Ambari. This post details the progress made, and the new features added to Pivotal HD as a result of harmonizing with the ODP.