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Pivotal and VMware Preview Turnkey Cloud Native Platform

Today Pivotal and VMware announced plans to provide a joint solution that marries VMware’s new scale out infrastructure solution, Photon Platform, with Pivotal’s next-generation Cloud Native platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry. By offering Photon Platform and Pivotal Cloud Foundry as one simple to buy, comprehensive package, backed with enormous joint R&D attention, Pivotal and VMware will define the delivery and operation of custom enterprise software for the next decade.

Next-Gen Cloud Native Platform: VMware Photon + Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Today, Pivotal and VMware are announcing our intent to deliver Pivotal Cloud Foundry with the VMware Photon Platform as an integrated solution for Cloud Native Applications. The joint solution will represent a complete, turn-key Cloud Native platform for our customers. This post explains what the Photon Platform is, the significant value it adds and why it marks an important milestone in the evolution of cloud technology.

This Month in Data Science: August 2015

In the month of August, as students prepare to return to school, big data’s increasing impact upon the college admissions process came to light. Data science’s role in transforming the economies of developing nations was considered, and Twitter’s Sid Patil revealed how his probabilistic approach to Blackjack influenced his data science practice.

Using Data Science to Save and Improve Lives

Data science is actively being used to save lives and improve healthcare. In this post, Principal Data Scientist, Sarah Aerni, explains the technology revolution underway in bioinformatics. Then, she explains the architecture requirements for bioinformatics systems and medical sensors, outlining the place of MPP databases as well as Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. Lastly, she explains how real-time data is used and what the possibilities are.

That Cloud Native Lifestyle

In this episode, Andrew Clay Shafer is back for a discussion with Coté on what Cloud Native means. The pair discuss what they see as the full stack for "Cloud Native," including Cloud Native Application Frameworks, Cloud Native Runtime Platform, Cloud Native Operations and Cloud Native Empowered Culture.

The Purity & Tyranny Of A Blank Screen: The Greenfield Journey—Part 2

In the second part of this series on the "Cloud Native Journey," Coté focuses on the greenfield journey, defines these projects, explains what their top three goals should be, and offers ten factors that will help teams travel with success. Some of these factors include perspective, project selection and staffing, processes and 12 factor app development, and microservices. Along the way, he also provides a library of links to related resources.

Come Find Us at VMworld 2015: Aug 30-Sept 3, San Francisco

VMworld 2015 is just around the corner, and Pivotal will be there, talking to customers and partners, chatting about topics like Cloud Native applications and DevOps. There will be eight sessions where Pivotal is presenting, and we are available via many other channels. This post covers all the places you can catch up with us and check out our sessions.

We Transform How The World Builds Software

When we started Pivotal Labs back in 1989, our goal was to give developers the tools to build software more collaboratively and efficiently. We believed that software was the way to make an impact, that it could truly change industries, and the world. We still do, now more than ever.

How Far We’ve Come

Over the past 35 years, I have been fortunate enough to have had a ringside seat at three major transitions in the computer industry: first the birth of the Software & PC era, then the Internet and Web era, and now the Cloud era at Pivotal. During this time I have had the privilege of working with incredibly smart and interesting people, and have seen the enormous impact that technology can have on the world. The latest wave of change that is blowing through the world is perhaps that most interesting of all, as the world is moving beyond the automation of what was previously done with pen and paper, giving birth to new capabilities and ways of relating to people that we have not seen before—not just quantitatively but qualitatively too.

Build Newsletter: OSCON, IoT, Cloud Native, & Data—August 2015

This month, the big news for app developers and architects spans across open source, digital transformation, big data, in-memory data platforms, machine learning, data science, programming language popularity, developer salaries, the world of Cloud Native, and how hackers killed a car on the highway. There is so much good stuff in here, starting off with a roundup of OSCON 2015—the predominant open source conference. Upcoming events are listed too!