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Simplifying Data Science Workflows With Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Ian Huston and Alexander Kagoshima of Pivotal Labs delivered a presentation at the Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 demonstrating how they have used Cloud Foundry to deliver data-driven applications to clients. Data scientists synthesize a wide range of skills in their efforts to understand complex data sets and deliver insights, and Cloud Foundry enables practitioners to quickly get to work, rather than losing time setting up servers or performing operations tasks. During their talk, the pair detailed the ways that Cloud Foundry can simplify data science workflows and deliver insights to users.

The Agility Frontier—Continuous Delivery and Pivotal Cloud Foundry

What’s Pivotal Cloud Foundry have to do with continuous delivery? Fresh off presenting at a recent Jenkins User Conference on that topic, Pivotal Conversations host Coté asks Karun Bakshi to go over his presentation. They discuss how Pivotal Cloud Foundry helps enable continuous delivery and also some of the “deleted scenes” from his talk.

This Month in Data Science: June 2015

Data science’s critical role within a wide range of industries and areas of research was evident during the month of June, as Spotify announced a new data analytics team, free-to-play games received increased scrutiny, and much more. Here’s our roundup of the biggest data science news of the month, both from Pivotal and beyond.

Cloud Foundry Summit—Some Selections

The Cloud Foundry Summit took place in Santa Clara back in May and brought together a large group of passionate people to discuss all things Cloud Foundry. In this episode, host Simon Elisha shares the full playlist of sessions recorded from the event and highlights some of the interesting sessions that were his "pick of the bunch" and why he liked them.

Pivotal at OSCON: Microservices, IoT, Spring Cloud, Graph Analysis & More

Come join us at OSCON to see some of the world’s best and brightest in open source. Visit us at booth #306 or come see talks by Pivotal on Microservices, Spring Cloud, Graph Analysis, In-Memory Databases, Internet of Things (IoT), Spring XD, Docker, Cloud Foundry, Lattice, Apache Giraph, and Spark GraphX.

EMC IT: Using Pivotal Cloud Foundry to Streamline Product Licensing

EMC faced a challenge within their license management group, which covers a very large product portfolio. It needed to be able to support a global operation at a much faster pace to support the business. After the team became familiar with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, it was able to see how it would help provide a cloud-native platform for full application lifecycle management as well as a runtime for microservices. Since deploying, deployment times have been drastically reduced. Some apps that took months to deploy now take minutes.

Making Or Saving Money With Big Data

Based on a listener suggestion, this week host Simon Elisha discusses examples of some of the data science Pivotal Labs performs for customers. Sticking to more common, and universally understandable examples, this week's podcast covers two use cases in retail and how they either make money or save money.

New Cloud Foundry Service Broker Updates

Members of the Cloud Foundry Services APIs team discussed the platform’s Service Broker architecture and its new features during a talk at the Cloud Foundry Summit 2015. Pivotal’s David Sabeti and IBM’s Michael Maximilien reviewed the ways in which Cloud Foundry’s broker model enables a variety of integrated services, and how new features such as async provisions, service broker keys, and exchangeable parameters address current limitations.

Pivotal Big Data Suite Sets Purdue University Students Up For Success

Purdue University has become a leader in using data and data science to help students increase student success rates, flag issues, and improve teacher effectiveness. With the help of Pivotal Big Data Suite, data mining techniques, and predictive analytics, the University can give students and teachers an early warning system in situations where students might have challenges.

Build Newsletter: 100+ Links, the Latest Pivotal Market News—June 2015

This month’s roundup of architecture and development related news includes 100+ links. We cover quite a bit—big stories on Gartner’s Hadoop sizing, tons of container news, machine learning, open source projects and programming, the internet of all types of things, and DevOps culture shifts. These fast growth markets just keep making announcements, and we aim to keep everyone current.