Using Maven to push to Cloud Foundry with Java 8

featured-maven-CF In this post, Pivotal Developer Advocate, Johannes Tuchscherer, explains how to use Maven with a Cloud Foundry plugin to run a Java app with Java 8. He provides several references and tips on how to get an environment running with this plug-in.

How to Find Pivotal at JavaOne!

featured-JavaOne This post summarizes where to find Pivotal at JavaOne. Come see us at booth number 5201 for demos on the internet of things, Hadoop, microservices architectures, PaaS, and more. Sessions will cover running Spring in the cloud, open source identity and access management, security, REST, IDEs, APIs, and more.

An ‘Open’ Invitation to Oracle: Cloud Foundry Welcomes You

featured-CF-Oracle-Invitation As rumored early last week, today Oracle made news about its latest effort in the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market, its third such announcement in as many years. Pivotal would like to acknowledge this milestone for Oracle and invite them to join us and other industry leaders like IBM, Intel, HP, SAP, Rackspace, VMware, CenturyLink, Docker, EMC, Accenture, CapGemini, BNY Mellon, Swisscom, NTT and Verizon (among many others) and become a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. By doing so, Oracle will join a growing ecosystem of companies that are united around the common goal of meeting the evolving needs of customers and giving them the necessary tools to innovate in an era of open technology. We hope Oracle will embrace an open approach to PaaS, working with our existing (and growing) community to help bring the power of PaaS to more enterprises around the world.

Pivotal CF 1.3 Is Generally Available

featured-pcf Pivotal CF 1.3 is now generally available, complete with new capabilities that make it easier for enterprise IT to arm their developers with a Platform as a Service (PaaS) in their data center while gaining the security, high availability and governance that IT desires. This post describes the highlights of this release including multiple availability zones; multiple networks; security groups; on-demand access to enterprise Hadoop; dynamically updated usage reports, application status, events and logs; and introducing 4 new languages for internationalization and localization.

Installing DreamFactory on Pivotal Web Services

featured-pws-dreamfactory In this guest post, DreamFactory shares how their open source REST API platform can now be installed on Pivotal Web Services as an application, helping developers to build front-end applications on their local machines and then push the required mobile back-end infrastructure services onto PWS for reliable, scalable and affordable PaaS hosting. DreamFactory cites that they chose to offer their app on PWS because it results in the ideal experience for their customers, including simplicity in operations and deployment. The post includes an easy HOWTO get DreamFactory running on your PWS instance.

An Introduction to the Pivotal CF Mobile Suite API Gateway

featured-PCF-mobile The API Gateway is one of the products available on the Pivotal CF Mobile Services. It allows developers to easily create edge gateways proxy calls between devices and your organization internal services. One of the benefits of using an edge gateway is that you can perform all of the above without having to modify internal services. In this post, we will show how easy is to implement a rate limiting edge gateway service using Pivotal’s API Gateway and Redis.

What’s New in Pivotal GemFire 8

featured-gemfire-8 Today Pivotal is announcing the release of Pivotal GemFire 8, part of Pivotal Big Data Suite. This is the first major release of GemFire since it became part of the Pivotal portfolio. Born from the experience of working with over 3000 of the largest in-memory data grid projects out there, including China Railways, GIRE, and Southwest Airlines, Pivotal focused on the needs of the most demanding enterprises for this release: more scale, more resilience, and more developer APIs. The result is a significant enhancement for developers looking to take their big data NoSQL apps to massive scale. This post covers what’s new, sorted by the 5 areas that GemFire does best in the industry:

Churn Prediction in Retail Finance and Asset Management (Part 1)

featured-money-churn Financial firms collect large volumes of data from all realms of our daily lives. These data assets are used to build predictive models for many purposes, such as understanding and predicting customer behavior. In this blog series, we will explain the important factors that enable banks in the retail finance and asset management industries to build, operationalize, and derive actionable insight from such models.

Synapse LLC: Providing Mobile and Web Solutions for Customers with Pivotal Web Services

featured-casestudy-synapse In this post, Sureel Bhurat, co-founder of Synapse LLC, a young Boston based company that builds SaaS web and mobile applications for consumer start-ups and enterprises, explains how PWS lets them innovate fast at a disruptively low cost. Synapse can build and operate applications for multiple customers with a very small team because they can use services from the Marketplace as well their own services with "user provided services". They rely on PWS to automatically load balance, dynamically scale and keep their apps running. Pivotal Web Services' simple and fine-grained pricing model allowed them to tune resources to just what they needed to serve their customers.

Our Customers at Pivotal Recognize the Importance of Bridging Traditional Data Warehousing into Next Generation Platform

featured-data-bridge Recently Gartner published the report, “Gartner Critical Capabilities for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems” that shares survey results of customers from a variety of Data Warehouse solution vendors. Based on existing customer implementations and their experiences with data warehouse DBMS products, the report scored Pivotal in the top 2 out of 16 vendors in two use cases: “Traditional Data Warehouse” and “Logical Data Warehouse”. In a third use case, “Context Independent Data Warehouse”, Pivotal scored in the top 3 relative to the 15 other vendors. These results show that Pivotal customers hold their Greenplum Database in high regard for traditional data warehousing approaches, as well as emerging data warehousing use cases. This post covers the kinds of insights these customers are seeking, how quickly they are getting there with modern approaches, and how Pivotal is helping them do even more with data.