From Sea to Trees, Pivotal Data Science Looks at Climate Change in Acadia National Park: Day 4 (Final Day) Field Report

featured-earthwatch-schoodic It’s our final day of work and fun at Acadia National Park. So far, we’ve learned about the research problems of interest in relation to climate change, spent two days as citizen scientists, collecting data from bird to barnacles, and grew an understanding the challenges in that process. We also talked about how data science and a climate data lake could aid researchers in measuring, analyzing and predicting the impact of climate change on the plant and animal species in the park. Today, we fleshed out a plan in making those ideas more concrete.

From Sea to Trees, Pivotal Data Science Looks at Climate Change in Acadia National Park: Day 3 Field Report

featured-earthwatch-clouds In posts one and two, we covered the background of the climate-based research in Acadia National Park, the goals of our project, and the specific ways scientists could use technology to improve the process. In this post, we share how sensors, data processing, models, and visualization tools are used, what scale could be provided with Pivotal technologies, and where citizen scientists could play a role in helping global climate change.

From Sea to Trees, Pivotal Data Science Looks at Climate Change in Acadia National Park: Day 2 Field Report

featured-earthwatch-acadia In the first post of this series, we gave the background on the climate-based research going on in Acadia National Park and our role in helping define the next generation of applications in the space. In part two, we explain how automated image capture of birds and tide pools could be processed on a data like and used to help scientists spend more time on the science and less time collecting and manipulating data.

All Things Pivotal Episode #7 – A Look at 12-Factor Apps

featured-pivotal-podcast As we move into an increasingly cloud-based application landscape, key design patterns need to be applied to best take advantage of the capabilities that cloud architectures offer. Fortunately, a Platform as a Service like Pivotal CF wraps up a lot of the lessons learned into a method of software deployment that is reliable, scalable and MUCH easier than prior methods. In this episode, Simon takes a tour through the concept of the 12-Factor App and why it might be the right approach for you to take with your software design.

From Sea to Trees, Pivotal Data Science Looks at Climate Change in Acadia National Park: Day 1 Field Report

featured-earthwatch-clouds Data science is being used to transform the way we measure the world around us, particularly in the area of climate change. In the first post of this series, Pivotal’s Senior Data Scientist, Srivatsan Ramanujam, shares a journal of his trip to Acadia National Park to work with a cross functional team from Pivotal, EMC, Earthwatch, and Schoodic Research Institute, improving the way they collect and analyze data within the context of a data lake.

Case Study: 300% Increase in App Performance with India Rail on Pivotal GemFire

featured-india-rail With India’s massive online population growth, the e-ticketing systems supporting India Rail faced a major challenge with scale. At a recent forum in India, the team responsible for the applications explained how they overcame the scale and other issues with Pivotal GemFire, tripling application throughput.

Pivotal for Good Connects Data Scientist with Crisis Text Line to Help At-Risk Teens

featured-P4G-CrisisTextLine Helping a troubled teenager through a crisis isn’t what comes to mind when you think of a data scientist’s regular activities. But courtesy of the Pivotal for Good program, Noelle Sio is doing just that, in partnership with the data philanthropy nonprofit Datakind. Crisis Text Line, whose counselors trained specialists assist hundreds of at-risk teens every day, is the beneficiary of Noelle’s current work.

An Easier Way To Deploy Cassandra Clusters

featured-PCF-DataStax The majority of applications being built today require some form of data service, whether its a traditional relational database or a highly-available Cassandra cluster to provide a key-value store. This is why building out a broad ecosystem of data services for application developers to choose from is an important part of the Pivotal CF (PCF) offering. Today, Pivotal and DataStax announce the next milestone in this journey with new support for Operators to install the DataStax Enterprise database cluster onto their PCF platform as an add on service.

All Things Pivotal Episode#6 – A Look At Pivotal CF Mobile Services

featured-pivotal-podcast As businesses work to compete in new domains and on new fronts—the mobile world has proven to be a key battleground. Banks work to out-do one another with capability and feature, established businesses seek to re-engage with their customers in the digital realm, and disruptive startups take a “mobile first” approach to their market. This week Simon talks about the new Pivotal CF Mobile Services, how they work and what benefits they can provide organisations stepping into the mobile world.

How Pivotal’s Big Data Solutions Provide a Jump Start to GE’s Vision for an Industrial Internet

featured-industrial-internet Mark Grabb, Technical lead for the global analytics practice within GE, took some time at Big Data NYC to discuss GE’s vision for the Industrial Internet. GE is leading the charge in delivering what industrial customers want: zero unplanned downtime, highly reliable, intelligent assets that are sensor-enabled, and machines that use data and analytics to be economically efficient within their own ecosystem.