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Adam Bloom

Adam Bloom has worked for 15+ years in the tech industry and has been a key contributor to the Pivotal and vFabric Blogs ~3 years. He first started working on "cloud-based apps" in 1998 when he led the development and launch of WebMD 1.0’s B2C and B2B apps. He then spent several years in product marketing for a J2EE-based PaaS/SaaS start-up. Afterwards, he worked for Siebel as a consultant on large CRM engagements, launched their online community, and ran marketing operations. At Oracle, he led the worldwide implementation of Siebel CRM before spending some time at a Youtube competitor in Silicon Valley and working as a product marketer for Unica's SaaS-based marketing automation suite. "Back in the day," he graduated from Georgia Tech with high honors and an undergraduate thesis in human computer interaction. Beyond technology, he loves music, art, design, cooking, outdoors, a decent silver tequila, and his wife, daughter, dog, and cat. Contact @adambloom

Posts By

Pivotal People—Mark Secrist on Big Data Education, Open Source Software, and Free Training

Training on big data, in-memory, data science tools have never been more popular. With over 25 years of development and training in his background, Pivotal’s Mark Secrist, the first U.S. based trainer for the Spring Framework at VMware, gives us a question and answer session about Pivotal training (including the free training). He explains why he is passionate about training, where Spring overlaps with Pivotal Big Data Suite, and the differences between open and closed source product training. He also explains that we are hiring in his department.

Digital Transformation at the Cloud Foundry Summit & Where to Find Us

Come find us at Cloud Foundry Summit! Starting Monday, May 11th, 1,500 people will meet up at the Santa Clara Convention Center to learn, share, and participate in over 90 sessions about Cloud Foundry. 10 Pivotal customers as well as 10 Pivotal employees will share their insights on a range of topics—cloud-native application architecture, IT transformation, DevOps, continuous delivery, private and hybrid clouds, mobile, IoT, containers, and much more. Read further for a list of all of the Pivotal customer and employee sessions.

Trends: The Internet of Humans (not Things)—Sensors, Health, Fitness, & Healthcare

The Internet of Humans (IoH) is an epicenter of innovation—this article captures top statistics, shares the growth in health-related sensors and mobile apps, and lists 20 of the most innovative companies in the space. Many of these statistics, trends, and example companies show how sensors, applications, big data, and data science are all creating never-before-seen capabilities in consumer health and fitness as well as healthcare and bioinformatics.

A Peek Under the Hood of The Connected Car: What It Does & How It Applies to IoT Systems

Connected things are growing 5x in the next 5 years, and the connected car provides a functional and architectural pattern for all Internet of Things systems. This week at Mobile World Congress, Pivotal will give an under-the-hood demonstration of the sensors, mobile apps, big data, and data science behind a connected car dashboard, and this article explains the entire platform, each component, and how it can be applied to other industries.

Informatica Joins Data Lake Ecosystem with Capgemini and Pivotal

Today, we are announcing Informatica’s addition to the data lake ecosystem, spawned by Pivotal and Capgemini. This post provides a background on the motivations and hurdles for building the data lake and using it to help meet business goals. The article goes on to explain the benefits and what Informatica is bringing to the table alongside Capgemini and Pivotal’s new announcements about open sourcing the Pivotal Big Data Suite, the Open Data Platform, and new application services.

Pivotal People–Michael Coté on Joining Pivotal and Building Better Software

As a prior programmer, cloud strategist, and industry analyst, Michael Coté has seen the software industry from a number of perspectives, including Director of Cloud Strategy at Dell. Recently, he joined Pivotal to work on the Cloud Foundry team, and, in this Q&A, gives us a rundown on his background, what attracted him to Pivotal, why open source matters, and more.

This Month in PaaS: Top Headlines for Platform as a Service

The PaaS space is growing leaps and bounds, and so is the volume of technology announcements, articles, and results in the space. In this post, Pivotal’s inaugural roundup of October’s key news and announcements, we cover everything from a deep dive on how GE views devops to technologies like Docker and microservices, Spring Cloud, and where Cloud Foundry might be going with OpenStack. Not to mention, Pivotal CF 1.3 was released—our fourth release in under a year!

Case Study: How shrebo, the Sharing Economy Platform, Innovates with Cloud Foundry

Former banking technology executive and shrebo founder, Patrick Senti, gives blog readers an explanation of the impact of open source solutions like Cloud Foundry and Redis. In this post, he answers questions about his needs for a platform like Cloud Foundry, the outcomes to date, his company background, technical solutions with Cloud Foundry, and more.

How to Find Pivotal at JavaOne!

This post summarizes where to find Pivotal at JavaOne. Come see us at booth number 5201 for demos on the internet of things, Apache Hadoop®, microservices architectures, PaaS, and more. Sessions will cover running Spring in the cloud, open source identity and access management, security, REST, IDEs, APIs, and more.

Pivotal People—Simon Elisha, CTO & Senior Manager of Field Engineering, Australia and New Zealand

In this post, CTO and Senior Manager of Field Engineering, Simon Elisha, shares his perspective on how he arrived at Pivotal, why he is excited, and what he is working on. As a prior enterprise architect at Cisco and a customer-facing advisor/educator for Amazon Web Services, he brings plenty of insight on the advantages of Cloud Foundry. He is also hiring in Australia and New Zealand!