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Stacey Schneider is the managing editor for the Pivotal blog. She has over 18 years of working with technology, with a focus on working with large scale customer facing systems as well as internationalization. Schneider has held roles in services, engineering, products and marketing across both enterprise software and open source companies. For the past several years, she has been working for VMware and now Pivotal to help evangelize how companies build applications in the cloud faster, with bigger data and nearly unlimited scale. Prior to VMware, Schneider ran marketing for open source Hyperic (now owned by VMware). She also held various positions at CRM software pioneer Siebel Systems, including Group Director of Technology Product Marketing, a role for which her contributions awarded her a patent. Follow her on Twitter @sparkystacey.

Posts by Stacey Schneider

featured-M1summit Pivotal now has what may be the world’s largest agile development team, building web and mobile apps, many of which you likely use every day. Our customers look to us to help them solve the next big challenges in mobile. With the pressure in the mobile space rising, we decided to partner with Eniac Ventures to sponsor and co-host their second M1 (Mobile-First) Summit, where the luminaries in the Pivotal network of customers, investors and technology partners could share with other mobile technologists the most important challenges and solutions in today's mobile space.
featured-BDS-raves Just over 6 months after launching Pivotal Big Data Suite (BDS), Pivotal customers and partners are rallying significant endorsements for how the new consumption model for Pivotal big data products is working for them. As one of the fastest growing new product offerings in the Pivotal portfolio, this is a ringing endorsement that the technology maturity as well as the consumption model is hitting the sweet spot for customers and partners alike. Check out what customers and partners have to say about using Big Data Suite so far.
featured-ofakhouri Award-winning Berkley astronomer, Onsi Fakhouri, has brought years of experience from working with Pivotal Labs and is currently leading the re-imagination and re-engineering of elastic runtime architectures on Cloud Foundry. This post covers Fakhouri’s background, Go (open source programming language) refactoring, Cloud Foundry Dojos, challenges of distributed systems, and more.
featured-vmworld-NoLimits This weekend Pivotal will join forces with VMware and our collective customers at VMworld 2014. Pivotal will lead six sessions covering various uses and areas of Cloud Foundry and Pivotal CF. Attendees will also be the first to get a preview of the new Pivotal CF Mobile Services which will accelerate how companies can develop mobile applications, by offering critical services for things like push notifications, API gateways and data sync that are built into the platform. Additionally, you can find Pivotal experts demoing Pivotal products such as the Pivotal Big Data Suite and Pivotal CF in booth #941, located towards the center by the VMware booths.
featured-flight-efficiency This week, GE shares the staggering success they have had with the airline industry using the Data Lake approach, powered by Pivotal Big Data Suite technologies. Using its Flight Efficiency Services, GE is redefining how aviation performs maintenance. Right now, GE does thousands of overhauls for jet engines every day. Traditionally, they had to wait for the plane to land, and have a team of live engineers assemble the workscope for what is needed to complete the service. For 25 airlines buying into GE's vision, that workscope is now digital. In the past year, GE was able to transform terabytes of full flight data into actionable insight that has provided measurable cost savings of 10x. Also, by analyzing the data in a data lake they were able to cut the analysis time from weeks to days. These savings are providing airlines like AirAsia a savings of more than one percent of their fuel bill each year.
featured-andrew-clay-schafer We are pleased to announce Andrew Clay Shafer as a welcome addition to the Pivotal team. A ‘start up person’ who spent most of the last decade working on venture funded projects, Andrew made seminal contributions to the devops movement while helping IT organizations improve with better tools and processes. He has been frequently asked to present his little ideas on devops and cloud management related topics. Shafer is an O’Reilly published author contributing to the book ‘Web Operations’, and has also been a guest on ‘radar’. In addition to his work in technology, Andrew also concerns himself with people, and how they interact with that technology and each other. He’s been a core organizer of devopsdays since 2010, and this year is on the program committee for culture and operations at the Velocity Conference and the devops track co-chair at Agile 2014. James Watters asked him to help with the Platform and CF Summit, helping to convince Andrew he could be part of something special at Pivotal. In this Q&A, Shafer shares his journey before joining Pivotal and how Pivotal aligns with his vision of people, process and tools working together.
featured-bridge-lake Pivotal and EMC have combined to shore up the way forward for the Business Data Lake to right size the economics and complexity of big data. Today, EMC and Pivotal are releasing a new turnkey bundle that packages EMC’s leading Isilon technology with Pivotal’s enterprise hardened Hadoop distribution, Pivotal HD. Together, these technologies solve some of the enterprise’s hardest problems around big data, including failover, backup, replication and scalability. With these challenges addressed, enterprises of all sizes now have the help they need to bridge their big data efforts to a Data Lake architecture quickly and affordably.
featured-SpringIO The consumerization of IT is no longer restricted to consumer products. Born from the idea that “it should just work,” the new release of the Spring IO Platform 1.0 will consumerize Java for developers. With this release, there are a significant number of improvements and benefits. Pivotal will migrate the website, as a reference application, to the new Spring IO Platform in the coming week and expects the Spring IO products supporting this important application to just work.
featured-BigData-BigPicture This week, Gartner analyst Svetlana Sicular named her top 5 big data companies to watch, listing Pivotal as thinking about the big picture for application development with respect to big data, mobile and the internet of things. At Pivotal, we recognize delivering big data solutions relies on far more than the data stores. Its the application code. Its the messaging system. Its the array of devices you are collecting data from, whether it be from the web, mobile devices or telemetry from the Internet of Things. Its the machines its running on, whether on premise or in the cloud. Its how you deploy to those machines. Its how you manage them, and the apps deployed on it. Basically, we are of the opinion that its everything that touches the application lifecycle. And if you bring all those pieces together, its the third platform. Read on for a recap on the progress we have made in just a year, and some teaser of where we are going next.
featured-CFlogo-CFsummit The first Cloud Foundry Summit fueled by the support of the Cloud Foundry Foundation wrapped Wednesday—and what a difference the power of the ecosystem made! With the ecosystem of Cloud Foundry partners, users and the Foundation members leading the conversation, the vibe at the event was more of a industry event, rather than a single company user conference, as it should be. The predominant themes were open source and the larger participation in Cloud Foundry governance by 34 companies has sealed Cloud Foundry as the industry favorite for PaaS. 14 companies backed this up with real life use cases explained to large audiences. And developers got to sink their teeth into a powerful new approach to development: Microservices Architecture. Also included in this post are key highlights from over 5,000 tweets during the event, key media quotes, and recommended reading for blogs and news articles.