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Stacey Schneider

Stacey Schneider is the managing editor for the Pivotal blog. She has over 18 years of working with technology, with a focus on working with large scale customer facing systems as well as internationalization. Schneider has held roles in services, engineering, products and marketing across both enterprise software and open source companies. For the past several years, she has been working for VMware and now Pivotal to help evangelize how companies build applications in the cloud faster, with bigger data and nearly unlimited scale. Prior to VMware, Schneider ran marketing for open source Hyperic (now owned by VMware). She also held various positions at CRM software pioneer Siebel Systems, including Group Director of Technology Product Marketing, a role for which her contributions awarded her a patent. Follow her on Twitter @sparkystacey.

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By The Numbers: A Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 Recap

Coming off the heels of the Cloud Foundry Summit, the Pivotal team is excited about all of the activities that happened there. This post highlights the event, including: the top 30 tweets, 10 Pivotal customer sessions, 10 Pivotal employee sessions, as well as recommended blog articles and key media quotes. Enjoy!

Humana Leads Charge for Digital Transformation In Louisville

Last week, the Wall Street Journal wrote up a story on how Humana kickstarted its transformation to being a technology company right in downtown Louisville. Spurred by a desire to help its 13.8 million insured customer base build healthier lives, the insurance giant embraced agile development practices by building a Digital Experience Center modeled after Pivotal Labs. In operation since June 2014, the new lab, staffed by Humana developers and Pivots, has produced 12 new updates to its central mobile app HumanaVitality and was able to become an early adopter of the Apple Watch.

New Federation Business Data Lake Should Be Your Silver Bullet for Big Data Success

This week, EMC is announcing a major milestone for companies looking to transform how they approach big data, namely a massive cross-company solution that is in many ways a one-stop-shop, best-of-breed, silver bullet CIOs have been looking for to help them succeed. Called the Federation Business Data Lake, this solution combines the hardware, software and all the connected engineering to give companies the foundation to fulfill their data and development needs.

Pivotal People—Mariann Micsinai the Job and Background of a Data Scientist

In this post, we get to know more about one of our senior data scientists, Mariann Micsinai. She is a great example of the type of people Pivotal likes to have on the team and is a modern big data wrangler who works in the trenches with subject matter experts and business line leaders alike. With a focus in financial services, her expertise crosses a number of areas and her interests, passions, and education bring the best of academia and real-world problem solving.

Helping to Overcome Poverty with Technology at Tenderloin Creative Labs

Pivotal employees recently volunteered to work with the San Francisco City Academy as a way to give back via Pivotal Serve Days. The group spent a morning in one of city’s most notorious neighborhoods, the Tenderloin, where a school has popped up to make a difference. Our fellow employees helped to install and deliver computers so that the students can have access to additional educational resources, something that truly excited the students and made our employees grateful.

Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon: Pivotal Labs

Last week, Pivotal’s managing editor of the blog, Stacey Schneider, spent the week at three major events expecting to talk mostly about data. While data was a key theme, the real struggle for customers centered around transforming aged enterprise businesses into technology companies to compete in today’s tech savvy world. In looking at the dichotomy between the companies that are being successful on their journey to transformation and those who are struggling, a common theme emerged: Pivotal Labs is the secret weapon. This post explains why.

This Month in Data Science: January 2015

As thought leaders, practitioners, and journalists looked forward to the year ahead in January, they identified a number of long-running trends that will become increasingly important in 2015: the increased demand for data scientists and relative lack of skilled practitioners, the continued growth of open source tools, and the value of automation in light of ever-growing data lakes. Here’s our roundup of the top data science news of the month, both from Pivotal and beyond.

Pivotal People—Gavin Sherry on Engineering PostgreSQL, Greenplum, HAWQ and More

In this post, we do a Q&A session with Pivotal's vice president of engineering for data, Gavin Sherry. Gavin has played a major role in developing a number of well-known data-centric products, including significant contributions to PostgreSQL. Before big data was common, he joined Greenplum to help build the massively parallel processing engine for analyzing petabytes of data. At Pivotal, he helped lead the development of HAWQ, creating a new era of data platforms with SQL on Hadoop. In this interview, he shares his history as well as his views on where the market is heading and how his products are being used to help companies become more data driven.

Pivotal’s Top Predictions for Data Science and Big Data in 2015

Based on the thoughts of our top Pivotal data scientists and big data thought leaders, this post offers a view into our top predictions of what will happen in the data science and big data space in 2015. With an incredibly dynamic and fast-paced market, the year is sure to experience tons of innovation and market maturation that will yield exciting examples of just how significantly expertly built algorithms can benefit businesses.

Pivotal’s Top 6 Predictions for the Developer in 2015

The big data and cloud platform thought leaders of Pivotal expect 2015 to be a transformative year, with companies showcasing the benefits of open source, automation and data-driven analytics as the key to real competitive advantage. Last year a significant amount of groundwork was laid to evolve developers productivity with tooling advances, and this year those liberated from legacy development models will shine by creating new futuristic apps that tie mobile and the internet of things into a data-driven, learning experience that will create unparalleled user experiences and separate themselves from the competition.