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Ginning up a title

Interestings Announcing Gulp Jasmine Browser

The Pivotal UI team constructed Gulp Jasmine Browser:

If you are using Gulp and want to run Jasmine tests for your client-side code, use Gulp Jasmine Browser. It should feel just like using Jasmine Gem.

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What's said on the Internet stays on the Internet

Events Friday: Lunchtime Drawtime

Theme: Time Machine

Join us as we go back in time and mess history up…

…on the whiteboard, of course :)

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Davis used to code?

Interestings ActiveRecord doesn't query with Sets

We encountered a strange bug when we were eager loading some user specific data and weren't seeing the optimizations actually be used. Turns out the ActiveRecord doesn't know that Ser is enumerable and the query to the database ended up being = NULL instead of in (…)

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A pretty awesome standup

Events Monday: Lunch Tech Video – Jim Weirich – Y-Not (Titanium)

Many have heard of it, but few have mastered its mysteries. Although fairly useless in real world software, understanding how the Y-Combinator works and why it is important gives the student an important insight into the nature of functional programming.

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Package Overflow

Interestings Java Boolean vs. boolean

Java Boolean actually has three states, true, false, and null. new Boolean() == null

boolean on the other hand is either true or false and initializes to false.

More discussion here

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Invest in gas now

Interestings IBM looking to repurpose laptop batteries in developing countries

Spray-on solar panels

Microsoft now accepts Bitcoin for xbox

Apple accepting paypal online in the US and UK

DriveMode – use your phone without looking while driving

Toronto gas prices down to $1/litre

Alibaba CEO tops Forbes China Rich List

Baidu set to invest $600M in Uber

Facebook thinking about adding a dislike button

Events Friday: Photoshop your face

Photoshop your face for $5 at lunch today to help buy goats for families living in poverty

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Apple, IBM, and Commercial Fishing Nets, OH MY!

Interestings No More "Ghost Nets"

Lost and abandoned commercial fishing nets ("Ghost Nets") may be a thing of the past. Engineering student in Spain comes up with an RFID tracking system to reduce their occurrence, and a net that biodegrades in 4 years just in case they are lost.

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Goodlife Fitness Prizes!

Helps Physical Fitness Claim Form

Fill out this form to claim your fitness benefit:

Interestings Android Studio 1.0

Android Studio 1.0 released

Amazon Threatens To Move Its Drone Research Overseas

Flickr Selling Creative Commons Photos As Wall Art

Bots Watching And Clicking Ads Make Up Nearly 25% Of Ad Hits

Congratulations to the winners of the Goodlife Fitness Raffle

Congrats to David Nicholson, Evie Sun, and Alexander Chong!

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This is your….friday standup

Interestings Illuminate SF

A beautiful list of sixteen LED/light installations and several December events to get your shine on in SF including artists like James Campbell and James Turrell.

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Ye olde barcadero

Interestings Gemma's YouTube Channel has passed 100K subscribers!

Go subscribe and learn to make some of the dishes that keeps calories flowing into Pivots!

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