How To Win In Mobile App Development, Quickly

featured-PCF-mobile With over a billion smartphones, which 90% of people keep within arm’s reach at all times, businesses must shift their development priorities to “mobile first”. There is a popular concept that today every company is becoming a software business. The reality now is that every company must become a MOBILE software business. To support that endeavor, Pivotal looked to the technology and expertise of the Xtreme Labs team (acquired in 2013), who have developed over 400 mobile apps, with 400 million downloads, helping to bake their mobile development best practices into our vision for the third platform. Today, we announce the next step in that journey: Pivotal CF Mobile Services.

Pivotal’s Cloud Platform Roadshow Brings Pivotal CF to Cites in the U.S. and Europe

featured-cloud-roadshow The Pivotal Cloud Platform Roadshow is now touring major cities in the United States and Europe, featuringPivotal CF workshops geared towards developers, architects, operations and technical managers. Coinciding with Pivotal’s announcement of significant new mobile, data, and ecosystem services for Pivotal CF, the Pivotal Cloud Platform Roadshow presents an opportunity to work with, and learn more about, the leading enterprise PaaS.

Cloud Foundry UAA: Onwards and Upwards into the Cloud

featured-CF-UAA During the last two quarters, Cloud Foundry at Pivotal has revamped its identity management team and are progressing towards new features and integration points. In our ongoing mission to make Cloud Foundry the cloud platform of choice, we have greatly improved the platform's user identity management features.

Gartner Panel Reveals Stark Differences in Container Based PaaS Options

HealthAutomationMgt This week’s Gartner panel on PaaS marked an important milestone in market education on fundamentally different approaches to building container based cloud application platforms for enterprise customers, highlighting Red Hat OpenShift's approach to PaaS does not include automated application process HA. They further posed to Eric, the moderator of the panel, this week on Twitter that application node availability is the responsibility of the IaaS layer, and system administration scripting toolchains such as Puppet. In this post, Pivotal's Head of Cloud Foundry, James Watters, explores why Cloud Foundry and Pivotal CF customers actually value these features in a platform, and why they are important to its success.

Pivotal People—Simon Elisha, CTO & Senior Manager of Field Engineering, Australia and New Zealand

featured-SElisha In this post, CTO and Senior Manager of Field Engineering, Simon Elisha, shares his perspective on how he arrived at Pivotal, why he is excited, and what he is working on. As a prior enterprise architect at Cisco and a customer-facing advisor/educator for Amazon Web Services, he brings plenty of insight on the advantages of Cloud Foundry. He is also hiring in Australia and New Zealand!

The ‘as a Service’ is Silent

featured-PaaS-no-aaS At what point is 'infrastructure as a service', just 'infrastructure'? And a platform is just how one deploys code? In this post, Andrew Clay Shafer shares his view of where the PaaS nomenclature is heading as it becomes the defacto standard. He posits that 'as a Service' may not be the new normal for everyone, but it clearly will be, at least for those who compete in markets where connecting information to actions with software is an advantage. And as it is becoming mainstream, the 'as a Service' should become silent.

How to Deploy Drupal to Pivotal CF Within Seconds

featured-CF-Drupal Content Management Systems (CMS) make it easy to manage content-rich websites with little to no web development knowledge. Using a CMS, content publishers can maintain a dynamic website that always has fresh content, apply design consistency using templates, and manage content creation using policy-based workflows for content publishing. In this post I am going to demonstrate how to deploy a popular CMS, Drupal, to Pivotal CF or another distribution of Cloud Foundry within a matter of seconds.

CF Summit Video: Swisscom Discusses Using Cloud Foundry and OpenStack/Piston To Build Future Cloud Platform

featured-CF-Swisscom In a video taken at the CF Summit, Swisscom is joined by a panel from Cloud Foundry and OpenStack/Piston Cloud to discuss their thoughts on the strategy and goals behind using OpenStack and Cloud Foundry together to build their future cloud platform. Swisscom shares the importance of building agility, collaboration, and open source into the platform in order to help them to deliver value added offerings with the “end user as consumer.” The talk also dives into lessons learned and the concept of developing unique competencies with Piston Cloud, OpenStack, and Cloud Foundry.

Case Study: How Pivotal Network Does Zero Downtime Deployment on Cloud Foundry

featured-fractured-time At the end of last quarter, Pivotal Network (the platform for evaluating Pivotal Software) came out of a three week deploy freeze, and yet the team still needed to deliver features. In looking for a way to avoid downtime constraints going forward, they figured out a way to use Cloud Foundry to deploy four times to our production environment in the span of that following week, with no downtime. Today, they can now deploy small features as they are ready, during business hours. In this post, the former technical lead for Pivotal Network shares their experience and outlines the steps they followed to get there.

Elisabeth Hendrickson on Using PaaS for Continuous Delivery at the Cloud Foundry Summit

featured-PaaSContinuousDelivery During a technical breakout session at the Cloud Foundry Summit 2014, Elisabeth Hendrickson, director of quality engineering for Cloud Foundry, explained the value of continuous delivery and how a PaaS like Cloud Foundry can enable automated deployments with zero downtime for users.