All Things Pivotal Podcast Episode #12: Logging–How Hard Could it Be?

featured-pivotal-podcast When you are operating applications—be it one, or 1,000—logging is a key element of your operational model. In this week's episode, Simon looks at the Cloud Foundry Loggregator component—what it does, and how you can connect it to 3rd-party log aggregation services.

All Things Pivotal Podcast Episode #11: So What Happens When I Push An App Anyway?

featured-pivotal-podcast One of the benefits of PaaS is that a whole swathe of complex detail is taken care of by the platform itself, enabling the developer to know that the application will be deployed correctly and in a supportable manner. In this episode, we take a journey into what the process entails and give you a taste of how easy it can be.

3 Steps to Doing Mobile App Testing the Right Way

featured-mobile-app-testing As mobile app usage is becoming more popular, developers still face key challenges around quality assurance and testing. In this post, Pivotal outlines how test driven development, automated testing, and user testing with automated distribution can make a difference and highlights a new mobile app service that greatly simplifies the last mile of testing, App Distribution for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Taking Security to the Next Level—Application Security Groups

featured-security-levels In this post, Abby Kearns, one of our Technical Product Marketers, provides an overview of how Application Security Groups work within Pivotal Cloud Foundry. She explains how every application request goes through the Pivotal Cloud Foundry firewall, allow rules, whitelisting, configuration, deployment lifecycles, and more.

Pivotal’s Top 6 Predictions for the Developer in 2015

featured-2015-dev-predictions The big data and cloud platform thought leaders of Pivotal expect 2015 to be a transformative year, with companies showcasing the benefits of open source, automation and data-driven analytics as the key to real competitive advantage. Last year a significant amount of groundwork was laid to evolve developers productivity with tooling advances, and this year those liberated from legacy development models will shine by creating new futuristic apps that tie mobile and the internet of things into a data-driven, learning experience that will create unparalleled user experiences and separate themselves from the competition.

Build Newsletter: Containers, Mobile Apps, App Design, Data & Scale – December 2014

featured-build “Build” is the monthly newsletter from Pivotal that provides a snapshot of the most relevant news and trends for architects and developers. This inaugural post covers containers, mobile development, app design, data, and scale. From Docker on Cloud Foundry to Mobile Retargeting to Cloud Economics, Pivotal has summarized the most important news in one spot for people creating apps at scale to stay on top of the rapidly changing technology market.

Getting Started with WordPress on Cloud Foundry

featured-CF-WP In this post, Pivotal engineer, Daniel Mikusa, explains how you can begin to use Wordpress on Cloud Foundry. At a high level, he covers the steps necessary to get a Cloud Foundry account, install the Cloud Foundry client, set up the architecture, and deploy.

Governance By Contribution and the Cloud Foundry Foundation

featured-CFF With the official launch of the Cloud Foundry Foundation today, Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz writes about why the idea of open governance by contribution is a powerful concept, and necessary to ensure the best result for the future of PaaS.

How Vblock Saved Pivotal Developers Time, Decreased Frustration Levels

featured-vblock Recently, our Pivotal Cloud Foundry team swapped out an underlying hardware architecture for a Vblock system. The prior environment was problematic and unreliable, requiring our team to chase down the issues and realizing it had nothing to do with the code that was written. Since deploying, the team has experienced 100% uptime, adding one or two environments per day over the first couple of weeks, and now supporting 28 Cloud Foundry environments.

All Things Pivotal Podcast Episode #9 – Using Pivotal CF for Blue/Green Deployments

featured-pivotal-podcast Many organisations are moving to a model of Continuous Deployment for their applications. This means that they want to deploy regular changes to production applications without affecting users. Getting new features into the hands of your customers sounds great, but it can be a little trickier than it looks. In this episode, we will dive more deeply into the concept of Blue/Green deployments, and the mechanism used by Pivotal CF to deploy changes into production with zero downtime and no packets dropped!