Build Newsletter: Containers, Mobile Apps, App Design, Data & Scale – December 2014

featured-build “Build” is the monthly newsletter from Pivotal that provides a snapshot of the most relevant news and trends for architects and developers. This inaugural post covers containers, mobile development, app design, data, and scale. From Docker on Cloud Foundry to Mobile Retargeting to Cloud Economics, Pivotal has summarized the most important news in one spot for people creating apps at scale to stay on top of the rapidly changing technology market.

Getting Started with WordPress on Cloud Foundry

featured-CF-WP In this post, Pivotal engineer, Daniel Mikusa, explains how you can begin to use Wordpress on Cloud Foundry. At a high level, he covers the steps necessary to get a Cloud Foundry account, install the Cloud Foundry client, set up the architecture, and deploy.

Governance By Contribution and the Cloud Foundry Foundation

featured-CFF With the official launch of the Cloud Foundry Foundation today, Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz writes about why the idea of open governance by contribution is a powerful concept, and necessary to ensure the best result for the future of PaaS.

How Vblock Saved Pivotal Developers Time, Decreased Frustration Levels

featured-vblock Recently, our Pivotal Cloud Foundry team swapped out an underlying hardware architecture for a Vblock system. The prior environment was problematic and unreliable, requiring our team to chase down the issues and realizing it had nothing to do with the code that was written. Since deploying, the team has experienced 100% uptime, adding one or two environments per day over the first couple of weeks, and now supporting 28 Cloud Foundry environments.

All Things Pivotal Podcast Episode #9 – Using Pivotal CF for Blue/Green Deployments

featured-pivotal-podcast Many organisations are moving to a model of Continuous Deployment for their applications. This means that they want to deploy regular changes to production applications without affecting users. Getting new features into the hands of your customers sounds great, but it can be a little trickier than it looks. In this episode, we will dive more deeply into the concept of Blue/Green deployments, and the mechanism used by Pivotal CF to deploy changes into production with zero downtime and no packets dropped!

Launching Rockets—Collaborating on Next Level Linux Containers

featured-rocket-logo Pivotal supports the open container specification efforts championed by CoreOS. As the interest and enthusiasm for Linux containers is growing, Pivotal calls on the industry to create open standard containers that everyone can utilize with common expectations and guarantees. We ask that the larger community review the App Container specification and get involved.

All Things Pivotal Episode #7 – A Look at 12-Factor Apps

featured-pivotal-podcast As we move into an increasingly cloud-based application landscape, key design patterns need to be applied to best take advantage of the capabilities that cloud architectures offer. Fortunately, a Platform as a Service like Pivotal CF wraps up a lot of the lessons learned into a method of software deployment that is reliable, scalable and MUCH easier than prior methods. In this episode, Simon takes a tour through the concept of the 12-Factor App and why it might be the right approach for you to take with your software design.

An Easier Way To Deploy Cassandra Clusters

featured-PCF-DataStax The majority of applications being built today require some form of data service, whether its a traditional relational database or a highly-available Cassandra cluster to provide a key-value store. This is why building out a broad ecosystem of data services for application developers to choose from is an important part of the Pivotal CF (PCF) offering. Today, Pivotal and DataStax announce the next milestone in this journey with new support for Operators to install the DataStax Enterprise database cluster onto their PCF platform as an add on service.

All Things Pivotal Episode#6 – A Look At Pivotal CF Mobile Services

featured-pivotal-podcast As businesses work to compete in new domains and on new fronts—the mobile world has proven to be a key battleground. Banks work to out-do one another with capability and feature, established businesses seek to re-engage with their customers in the digital realm, and disruptive startups take a “mobile first” approach to their market. This week Simon talks about the new Pivotal CF Mobile Services, how they work and what benefits they can provide organisations stepping into the mobile world. Now Available in the PWS Marketplace

featured-cineio, a service that allows developers to instantly setup geo-distributed broadcast networks to transmit video and audio content, is now available in the PWS store. This post covers why this is a win for agile developers supporting video, and how to get the service started.