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CoreLogic Transforms to Agile Culture and Cloud Native Platform with Pivotal

CoreLogic, an industry-leading, $1.4 billion software, data, and analytics company has reinvented the way it develops software with Pivotal. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is providing a way to automate development and deployment, reduce risk, and increase time to market. Pivotal Labs has helped the company re-invent its culture—one that is now based on agile, innovative practices surrounded by DevOps practices.

Our Top 10 Quotes From OSCON 2015

Last week’s annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland was a hotbed of discussion on cloud-native application development, engineering culture and open software collaboration. Topics ranged from technical innovations in container orchestration and microservices, to the economic and cultural changes behind recent record growth in open-source collaboration among organizations. Check out our 10 favorite quotes from the event.

Mapping the Cloud Native Journey

At OSCON this week the organizers reported over 30 talks submitted this year on Microservices topics, up from only one last year from the Pivotal team. As the leader in Cloud Native Java with Spring Boot/Cloud and Cloud Native Platforms with Cloud Foundry Pivotal has been situated in the crossroads of microservices, continuous delivery, and multi-cloud portability since its founding in 2013.

Want To Navigate IT Transformation? Get Yourself To A DevOpsDays.

DevOpsDays are increasingly becoming a mainstream method for enterprises to jump start their IT transformation to become truly agile. Pivotal has been active in the DevOpsDays events, sharing an overview of how DevOps related practices and culture are spreading into the mainstream, as well as suggesting some ways for the DevOps community to help out mainstream adopters—those companies above who want to transform but are self-stymieing starting. In this post, Pivotal's Cote shares his experiences at DevOpsDays, some key presentations, and where Pivotal will be presenting next.

Humana Partners With Pivotal to Rapidly Deliver Healthcare Solutions

One of the most successful health care providers in the United States is using Pivotal Cloud Foundry and services from Pivotal Labs to help its 14 million customers live healthier lives. The company quickly recognized technology’s potential to help clients track steps and calories, monitor their blood pressure, and maintain healthy lifestyles by using mobile applications that offer useful healthcare advice.

DevOps, Microservices, and Platforms, Oh My!

In this talk from Cloud Foundry Summit 2015, the main message is—forget about tools and software for a minute and think about culture. While tools are needed to rapidly iterate and deploy fresh code, DevOps is not just about the technology. The principles of DevOps provide a way to manage technology from a holistic perspective, and these principles are what drive the practices and tools. Read more about this talk, and watch the replay, from Pivotal’s Senior Director of Technology, Andrew Clay Shafer.

How Verizon Drives Enterprise Transformation With Pivotal Cloud Foundry

During a presentation at the Cloud Foundry Summit, Verizon’s Siki Giunta outlined how cloud technologies can drive enterprise transformation. Enterprises currently allocate the bulk of resources—budget and personnel—to maintenance projects, and only a small percentage of resources to transformational projects. Consequently, they are beleaguered by sluggish innovation and missed market opportunities. According to Giunta, cloud technologies, and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) in particular, can significantly address this state of affairs.

How Pivotal Cloud Foundry Transformed IT at Comcast

Deploying Cloud Foundry within an enterprise as large and multifaceted as Comcast presents a number of challenges. The platform must scale while being capable of serving a number of application needs, spread across multiple teams. During a talk at the Cloud Foundry Summit 2015, Comcast’s Neville George, Sam Guerrero, Tim Leong, and Sergey Matochkin discussed the decisions the Cloud Architecture team made while introducing Cloud Foundry to the company’s operations.

The Process is as Important as the Product

Once IT has decided to change to a new way, how do you manage that change and keep up the energy? Also, how do you get IT to change in the first place? In this latest Pivotal Conversations podcast, host Cote discusses a recent experience Casey West (@caseywest), newly of Pivotal, had in transforming to a small batch mentality and some of the challenges—and rewards!—his team faced.

Cloud Foundry Plugins for the Lazy Developer

One of the many strengths of Cloud Foundry is the open ecosystem that it promotes. This manifests in many ways, one of which is the CLI Plugin architecture. This enables anyone to contribute great ideas into the CLI in a stable and extensible way. In this episode, host Simon Elisha explores the creation of these plugins and sample some of the cool ones available!