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Pivotal Perspectives—Unleash the Chaos Lemur!

In IT we have always worked hard to ensure that systems remain available, stable and "up". But the manner in which we achieve this outcome has changed. Gone are the days of trying to engineer failure "out of the system"—as that proved to be beyond human capability. Rather, by turning the problem on its head and accepting that failure happens—we can tolerate them better.

6 Free Technical Classes From Pivotal Education

Pivotal Education makes it easy to fully realize the capabilities of our technologies by offering a series of free training courses. Designed for developers, system architects, and data practitioners, these online courses engage students through a sandbox environment and interactive labs. The introductory courses enable technologists at any point of engagement with Pivotal technologies — whether during evaluation or after deployment — to become more well-versed, efficient, and effective in their efforts. The current classes provide hands-on experience with Pivotal technologies such as Pivotal HD, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Pivotal Greenplum Database, HAWQ, Redis, and GemFire.

Pivotal People—Joel Rolfe On Pivotal Cloud Foundry And The End Of Pager Duty

Believing in a future where pager duty is no longer necessary, Joel Rolfe joins the Pivotal solution engineering team after working to build his own version of a PaaS. With a background in software development, architecture, and scaling software applications, Joel explains how his experiences have led to Pivotal solutions and how he helps companies solve problems with Pivotal software.

Accelerating the Mainstream Adoption of DevOps

I was excited to see that Gartner has become so bullish on DevOps - they recently predicted that by 2016, 25% of the Global 2,000 would be using DevOps. There’s been an acceleration just over the past year of DevOps “going normal”. This was also the topic of my recent talk at DevOpsDays Austin. I’ve given the “state of the union” type address there for the past two years, starting back when I was still an industry analyst. In that same talk, I wanted to offer some advice to the DevOps community on what they can do to help all these new folks. As DevOps moves out of a niche concern into a mainstream practice, the needs and frictions will change.

GE On Cloud Foundry For The Internet Of (Really Important) Things

Harel Kodesh, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer at GE Software gave one of the most impactful, no-nonsense, keynotes at the Cloud Foundry Summit, introducing a fresh perspective on what he calls the Internet of (Really Important) Things. He paint a picture of how important the Industrial IoT is to large manufacturing and supply-chain systems, with far reaching impacts across governments, cities infrastructure, aviation, power generation, transportation and more.

Allstate’s Andy Zitney Is Disrupting How Insurance Does Technology

During a keynote presentation at the Cloud Foundry Summit 2015, Andy Zitney, Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Services at Allstate, offered a wide-angle view of deploying disruptive technologies within a large enterprise. Zitney’s talk, “Developing the Freedom to Disrupt”, covered not only his experiences within the 90-year-old insurance company, but also his time working in financial services. Cloud Foundry has played a critical role in transforming how these companies innovate within a defined corporate structure, he explained. “They all suffer...from the lack of a platform to drive change,” Zitney said, “but then comes along Cloud Foundry. A great platform for a technologist, but even better for someone who wants a change in an industry and a change in how the company thinks.”

Diversity at the Cloud Foundry Summit

Last week at the inaugural Cloud Foundry Summit, now run by the new Cloud Foundry Foundation, we had a unique opportunity to gather and discuss gender diversity. 125 women attended a luncheon that included a keynote on the gender gap in technology, as well as a panel discussion that focused on gender diversity in an open source software community. The discussion that followed really showed the need for a continuing conversation, as well as offered up solutions that other companies were implementing that could enable teams to become more diverse.

IoT: The New Normal

Last year, mobile became the new normal for the internet, overtaking PCs for the lead in how users access the internet. Powered by advancements made through this mobile revolution, the industry is on the precipice of a new, bigger revolution: the Internet of Things (IoT). With two thirds of global GDP considered industrial, as IoT takes root, it is set to disrupt the face of every industry it touches. To keep up and compete, increasingly companies are first reinventing how they develop software, leaving the undifferentiated heavy lifting of running apps to a platform, and focusing on developing and releasing innovation faster.

By The Numbers: A Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 Recap

Coming off the heels of the Cloud Foundry Summit, the Pivotal team is excited about all of the activities that happened there. This post highlights the event, including: the top 30 tweets, 10 Pivotal customer sessions, 10 Pivotal employee sessions, as well as recommended blog articles and key media quotes. Enjoy!

Pivotal Conversations—Sam Ramji, CEO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation

How do you organize the work around building a shared cloud platform between vendors and actual users of that platform? That’s exactly what the Cloud Foundry Foundation was setup to manage and what Coté discusses with Sam Ramji in this episode. In talking about the mechanics of the Cloud Foundry Foundation we compare and contrast it to other open source foundations and also discuss what to expect over the next year.