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08/23/2010 – share your iOS screencasts


  • iOS devcamp This weekend iOS devcamp brought together developers, designers, and enthusiasts of iPhone and iPad applications and invited them them to team up and build applications in a weekend. Some of Pivotal’s own contributed to a project and created appcinema, which shares screen casts of iOS applications.

  • MySQL multi-index ALTER TABLE: If you are adding multiple indexes to a very large table, its beneficial to add them in one ALTER TABLE statement. It saves MySQL having to copy the entire table to create each index individually.

    ALTER TABLE widgets ADD INDEX index_user_id (user_id), ADD INDEX index_parent_id (parent_id), ADD INDEX index_position (position);
  • Web Pass If you live in San Francisco and line of site to Web Pass enjoy faster than cable/DSL internet speeds. A pivot has reported as much as 100 MBits/s with the connection shared with their apartment complex.

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