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09/12/12: [NY][Standup] 9/12/2012 $0-$4 in Chrome


  • $0 – $4 in Chrome

You can reference the 4 most recently selected elements from the Elements panel via these variables.

  • Bundler.with_clean_env

When you shell out from your ruby script and run the “bundle” command, it will bundle within the context of your script’s Gemfile (even if you cd first to another directory with a different Gemfile).

If you need to shell out and bundle outside the context of your script’s bundle, use Bundler.with_clean_env. For example:

Bundler.with_clean_env do
  `cd /some/other/bundled/project  && bundle`

We ran into a need for this on LicenseFinder – we wrote an integration test suite that bootstraps a bundled project, adds dependencies with various licenses to it, then tests the output of license finder on the project.


  • Wednesday: Happy Programmers’ Day! (256th day of the year)’_Day

  • Wednesday: Junior Developer Panel Meetup (or… How to Get Your First Coding Gig)

Are you someone teaching yourself to code, looking for your first job as a developer? This panel will address the questions of how to get your first job as a professional programmer, and what is expected of someone in that sort of role. Questions from the audience are also welcome. Our panelists:
Jeffrey Baird (Junior Developer @ Medivo)
Aidan Feldman (Developer @ Jux & Teacher @ NYU) – moderator
Avi Flombaum (Founder of Flatiron School)
Pedro Ha (Teacher @ NYU & Developer @ CNBC)
Dan Langevin (CTO @ Lifebooker)
Debbie Madden (Exec. VP @ Cyrus Innovation)
Beforehand, make sure to check out Jeffrey’s great post on getting his job. If you have other good resources around this topic, feel free to post in the comments. We will do our best to record this, for those who can’t make it. Note this event is not Rails-specific. Drinks and snacks provided by Pivotal Labs. Lastly, in an unusual meetup twist,recruiting [for junior developers] is welcome!

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