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7 Minutes of Longest-Standup-Ever-Heaven


FireSASS in Chrome (source maps)

If you're using SASS and ever wanted to see the original line numbers in your SASS files for debugging purposes, you've probably used FireSASS. Unfortunately, FireSASS is not available in Chrome.

However, you don't need FireSASS in Chrome, as SASS Source Maps totally work.

The following blog post will show you how to enable it.


05/20: Agile Experience Meetup: Designer / Developer pair-cooking show

Robbie will be speaking and live-coding!

When teams integrate Agile and UX practices, the borders between designing and making become increasingly blurry, with siloed work replaced by cross-disciplinary collaboration. For our next Meetup, we'll combine a live pairing session with two talks on collaborating across roles and disciplines. How is pairing better than traditional collaboration? What are some pitfalls to be mindful of? Is it the right choice for your team? After their talks, we'll open up the floor for a panel-style Q&A.


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