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Standup April 21st – AWS is down, Heroku is out


“What’s the best admin gem out there?”


“Amazon Web Services is down”

This is one of the longest outages we’ve seen of Amazon and thus Heroku. So many Ruby applications rely on Heroku that the community is certainly affected. Updates on the damage are on Heroku and Amazon. You can see how far reaching problems on EC2 are on

“Obama is in town!”

There have been rumors he is visiting a few notable software companies in the area, hopefully he’ll stop by. Watch out for blocked streets for the motorcade.

  1. Neeraj Singh says:

    Checkout admin_data. It has good support for advance search.

  2. As the market requirement, Juicy Couture –the designer duo is opening a series of Juicy stores in airports around the world.

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