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Beware RubyMine 5!


MySQL lock wait timeout exceeded with timecop and parallel test

(Alexander & Matt)

We want to make sure that our fixtures don’t get out of sync with our test suit. So we wrapped everything into timecop. Now we are getting “Mysql2::Error: Lock wait timeout exceeded” when running “rake parallel:spec”. The offending database call is a “Fixture Delete”.


RubyMine 5 scary find & replace

(Will Read)

The latest RubyMine EAP find & replace doesn’t seem to respect exclusions. BE AWARE.

A beta was released over the weekend which may or may not fix it.


(Matt & Will)

Yard doc is a pretty sweet way to generate some documentation. On our project, we had developed a little system of helper methods for our acceptance test suite (a DSL if you will), and we could not remember the names of everything, so we wanted to organize and expose it. After installing the yard gem (and the redcloth gem), we were able to generate documentation with “yard server –reload”. This runs a web server that we can hit during development that reloads on every request.

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