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Canadian trees to get internet


The squirrels need wi-fi

Parks Canada is planning to install wireless internet hotspots in up to 50 of its parks this year, and to triple that over the next three years. More at

Another reason not to use IE

A bug has been exposed in Internet Explorer versions 6 to 11 that allow someone to gain complete access to your computer. The problem is severe enough that the US and UK governments have cautioned citizens against using IE, recommending using other browsers instead. More at:

SpaceX Suing US Government

SpaceX is alleges the US government engaged in secretive negotiations with another company for a large purchase of rockets, thus blocking the possibility of competition. More at:

When can the government search your phone?

The US supreme court is hearing two cases regarding police searches of cell phones. The ruling will have significant implications for the future legality of cell phone searches; when will a warrant be required.
More at:

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