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CAS a blanca: Standup 2011-08-17

Ask for Help

“Google Chrome beta 14 seems to not work with Google Maps? Anyone else seeing this issue?”
That darn Google! We aren’t seeing this issue elsewhere and can lock down Chrome’s auto-updater if needed.

“Our project is moving to a service-oriented architecture. Any recommendations for managing users and roles?”

Try RubyCAS(server and client) or CAStronaut.

“We’re using a proprietary library in our project. How do we authenticate to a private git server in bundler?”
You can put the username and password into the git url, just as you would for http auth.

Interesting Things

  • When calling create on an ActiveRecord model that fails due to validation errors, an invalid model is returned. If one then calls update_attribute on the invalid model, the entire invalid model is saved to the database, not just the requested attribute. Beware! Beware! Bewaaaaaare!!!!

  • Rails core team released critical security fixes yesterday for most every version of Rails 2 and 3. You will want to install these fixes on your app pronto or review the workarounds if that’s not an option for you.

  1. levinalex says:

    > You can put the username and password into the git url

    But you should use the git scheme and ssh keys instead.
    `:git => “user@myserver.example:project.git”

    plaintext passwords are never a good idea. and you can revoke ssh keys.

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