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Standup 5/25/2011 Cloudfront logs, terrible YAML, and RubyMine can CanCan


*Is there a way to log in and download log files from Cloudfront, preferably programmatically? They can be obtained from the management console but access is needed from the command line.


  • In Ruby 1.9.2 the delayed_job facility uses the Psych parser to serialize and Syck to deserialize the delayed job, with unpleasant results. One way to solve the problem is to go into the Ruby installation and “if false” away the Psych source code, it’s an admittedly terrible approach, but it has the appeal of actually working.

  • Ruby Mine does not behave well with CanCan out of the box.
    The problems can be fixed by editing the CanCan Ruby file and commenting out the line that sets rspec equal to spec unless rspec is already defined.

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