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CSS3, Hadoop, and CI.. Oh My


Hadoop on EC2

If you put hadoop on EC2 inorder to have all nodes communicate they must be in the same VPC or connected via ssh tunnels. This is because Hadoop only advertises the public IP for the namenode.

Justify a single line with css

If you need to justify a single line of text with css, check out this useful technique:

CI Builds With Flaky SVN server

Our current project uses SVN which can only be accessed through a VPN. We would have a significant number of CI failures just because of the flakiness of the VPN/SVN server to the point where build failures were generally being ignored. We used the git svn extension to make a local git repository that is updated via cron job. Pointing the Jenkins build at the local git repository was simple and entirely stopped build failures due to connection problems. In addition we created a Jenkins build for whether the SVN server is reachable or not.

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