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Robolectric 2.3 Released

Robolectric 2.3

We're happy to announce that Robolectric 2.3 has been released!


  • Robolectric will now load (at runtime) the Android SDK that matches either the value of targetSdkVersion or the value specified in a @Config annotation.
  • Robolectric now uses a real implementation of SQLite instead of a collection of shadows and fakes. Tests can now be written to verify real database behavior.
  • Robolectric will now parse content provider declarations from your manifest and return them via the ContentResolver mechanism. In addition, CursorLoaders and AsyncTaskLoaders are now correctly tied into Robolectric's scheduler mechanism.
  • New ServiceController component (similar to ActivityController) which can be used to safely drive a service through its lifecycle.
  • Meta-data values, permissions, and intent filters are now parsed out of the manifest and available from ShadowApplication
  • Removal of a bunch of unnecessary shadows.

Bug Fixes

  • Lots of resource and manifest parsing fixes.
  • Lots of miscellaneous improvements to shadows.

Upgrade Notes

  • The reflective lifecycle methods on ShadowActivity (callOnCreate, callOnResume, etc) have been removed. You are now required to use an ActivityController to move an Activity through its lifecycle.

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