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Parse iOS SDK Depends on Facebook SDK if you use -ObjC linker flag when building your project, which you probably do.

The new Parse iOS SDK has a quiet dependency on the Facebook SDK.

If you link all categories implementations from libraries in an iOS app using the -ObjC
linker flag, the Parse library will whine that you don't have some Facebook SDK categories

2 ways around this:

  • bring in the Facebook SDK, yuck.

  • stop using the -ObjC linker flag and use the -force_load linker flag once for each static library / framework that your project links

"Fun" facts that I learned while doing this:

  • -force_load goes on a single line in other linker flags the following line is it's target, your library

  • if you include third party libraries via a dependent project, -force_load has to point at the correct build configuration, a typical one for me looked like this:

  • pointing -force_load at the mach-o binary in a static framework … works

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