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Interesting/Ask for Help for 02/07/2007

Interesting/Ask for Help for 02/07/2007

Interesting Things

  • We need to check out the differences between RMagick 1.13.0 and 1.15.2. Word on the street is that 1.14.x was wonky and required ruby 1.85.
  • Brown bag lunch today: Ruby caching and our own extensions to it.
  • Dealing with time zones have been a reoccurring problem for teams. One developer suggested checking out the tzinfo-timezone plugin, which works with (and requires) TZinfo

Ask for Help

  • CI can’t find rmagick!: One project kept getting a gem error for rmagick
    • require rmagick won’t work because the require statement case-sensitive. It has to be require RMagick, but neither the PC or Mac complained, only Linux.
  • Please keep all of the appropriate people informed about CI environment changes.
  • One team requested all of the JavaScript caching experts.
  • Brown bag lunch today… someone order lunch!

Total Stand-up Meeting Time: 22 minutes

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