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Interesting/Ask for Help for 02/12/2007

Interesting Things

  • Jetbrains has released their official Ruby and Ruby on Rails plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. Many of us have been using this and it has some nice features: structure view, code completion, open class/symbol, and other Java-IDE style features. Now if they only had a fast debugger… oh sweet, sweet debuggers…

Ask for Help

  • RMagick: One project is having new RMagick problems. Some image uploading and transformations are hanging the Mongrel process. Some are suggesting explicitly calling GC.start after heavy RMagick use. We’ll also check the version and insure that it’s 1.13.

    Follow-up: Actually it looks like we were hanging connecting to Amazon’s S3 service.. Once we figure out the details we’ll let you know what the problem was.

    Total Stand-up Meeting Time: About 19 minutes.

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