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Standup 02/15/2007

Interesting Things

  • Subversion Tip: We were reminded of a handy tip: when saving shell scripts in subversion, you can save them as both executable and also in a ‘native’ end-of-line style, which will run on any platform.
   $> svn propset svn:executable ON
   $> svn propset svn:eol-style native
  • If you want some easy but very effective charts, check out WebFX’s Chart Javascript library. Clients love them! Chart the number of users signed-up per day, etc.
  • Another handy plugin we’ve used many times: QueryTrace. It helps you find slow database queries, but it really floods your logs with data, so make sure to turn it off in production!
  • We’re using appable_plugins for several projects but having problems with dependencies between the plugins, especially in fixtures. This might be caused by our fancy-dancy fixture loading extensions.

Ask for Help

  • One project is doing another round of profiling and is looking at the the latest profiling tools for Ruby and Javascript. They are checking out Firebug’s JS profiler, ruby -r profile, and our own custom ruby test benchmarker, amongst others.
  • One project is seeing a very strange memory leak that causes 100MB of memory loss per second (guh! guh!). It started when they begin using ActiveRecord.connection.execute("some sql") to build some reporting statistics, but it seems too early to blame that. Coincidental, though.

Brown Bag Lunch Topic: Rails 1.2 features, ideas, and gotchas.

Total Stand-up Meeting Time: 25:00 minutes

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