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  • jRuby OpenSSL behavior different than MRI

Our project was having trouble converting from MRI 1.9.3 to JRuby. We’re using OpenSSL to decrypt a string, which worked fine in MRI. However in JRuby the same code raised the error ” OpenSSL::Cipher::CipherError:
Given final block not properly padded”.

We discovered that OpenSSL on jRuby is stricter and you must set an initialization vector, e.g. cipher.iv = “” * 16


  • SF DevOps Hackday

Join us for a sunday afternoon of devops talk and hacking. June 24th at the Pivotal Labs office.

  • eXtreme Tuesday Club

XTC-SF is a new meetup held at Pivotal SF at 7pm, from Tuesday 19th June.

Inspired by the London group of the same name, topics include XP, TDD, mocking etc.

The first proposed topic is “How do we teach people to refactor to an architecture, or value an architecture at all?”

Informal discussion, pizza, beverages. All welcome.

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