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Mongo Madness!

New faces

No new faces today.

Requests for help

“MongoMapper v. Mongoid v. Candy v. etc…? Which should I use?”

A1: Don’t use a mapper at all, just interact with MongoDB directly. If you use a mapper, choose a library that’s least like Active Record.
A2: We used MongoMapper and it worked out okay. It doesn’t behave like Active Record in some ways, but it wasn’t a huge problem.
A3: We had to fight against Mongoid, since it only provided a subset of what Active Record provides and it didn’t provide some MongoDB specific things.

“Does anyone have experience with the awesome nested set library? Nested set is getting corrupted when storing information in a tree”

No answers from the crowd.


A heads up: Rails XSS – two patches were released, but one doesn’t work for Rails 2.

There’s a cool Blabs out about running jasmine in the background @ full speed. Check it out!

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