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New Jasmine Gem


  • New Jasmine Gem

There’s a new version of jasmine-gem on GitHub – please test it out so we can push a new gem next week.

  • jQuery opacity

Once the CSS opacity is set on an element with jQuery the z-index is no longer respected and the element appears on the bottom.

Can it be reproduced in other browsers? Only tried Chrome so far.


  • Safari doesn’t like Rails timestamps

my_model.created_at or my_model.create_at.to_i spit out values that when you (in JavaScript) new Date(value), give crazy dates in Safari.

The workaround is to use:

value = my_model.created_at.to_f * 1000

date = new Date(value)

Try all browsers when dealing with a Date API
There’s also DateJS, but has not been maintained in a long time.

  • Jasmine failed to start on latest Chrome

If you have an updated version of Chrome and jasmine fails to start Chrome, reinstalling later version of chrome driver (

Or alternative is to re-image the machine, which contains later Chrome and later ChromeDriver.

  • bitbucket Tracker integration broken by ‘&’ in author name

We spent several hours tracking down this (open) bug in bitbucket’s tracker broker. You can change the ampersand to something else in your git-pair script.

  • IE9 svg path click handler

IE9’s click handler for SVG paths treats two clicks as a single click and six clicks as a double click.

  1. FYI I’ve used for date parsing in JS and it’s worked quite well.

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