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New York Standup 03/11/2009

Help Wanted

  • We’re interested in running some sort of javascript validation and syntax checking suite on one of our projects. JSLint looks reasonable for the framework and can be run from the command line with Rhino.

    If you have experience with or thoughts about the idea, please share.

  1. Cody says:

    We do precisely this, we run all of our javascripts through jslint+rhino. We have a plugin that encapsulates the necessary jslint+rhino jars, and its then tied together via a Cap task which is basically just:

  2. Dan says:

    jslint integration with Textmate is sweet if you use TM.

    If it’s TDD/BDD you want, I’ve heard reports that jsspec can be integrated with rhino after some fuss, but I found jsspec to be too hackish for my tastes when I first tried it (needed ugly code or namespace manipulation). It seems to have been improved a lot since then, so it might be worth a||another look.

  3. Corey Innis says:

    @Cody: That’s a great starting point. Thanks for the example.

    @Dan: Many of us do indeed use Textmate, so I’ll look into that some more. BDD with RSpec would be ideal.

    Also, if you’re interested in BDD JS and haven’t already, take a look at [Screw.Unit](

    Thanks for your contributions.

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