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New York Standup 03/19/2009


  • We’ve created a
    Pivotal fork of the Ctags
    bundle for TextMate
    (the original).

    Ctags provides a mechanism for indexing your source code
    files for the purpose of locating and navigating between bits of code;
    something IntelliJ/RubyMine is very good at, while TextMate is found lacking.

    The forked bundle aims to be more inline with Pivotal practices, where
    developers are often switching between IDE/editor worlds. For example, code
    completion has been re-mapped to ctrl-space, to be more like IntelliJ.

    Have you played with Ctags? Take a look at the bundle; see what you think.

Help Wanted

  • We’re on the hunt for quality burritos in NYC. Ben gave
    Burrito Loco a try last night; thought the
    burritos were “supple”. Dave is desperately seeking breakfast burritos.


  1. Karmen Blake says:

    I use RubyAmp for this and other features.

  2. derick says:

    i’ve heard good things about a place called great burrito. they have two locations; one is at 100 w 23rd st, at 6th avenue.

  3. Sean Beckett says:

    Finding a good burrito in NYC is like finding a good slice in San Francisco: it can be done, but only after you’ve had a few months to forget what you are missing…

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