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New York Standup 10/7/2008

Interesting Things

When you specify a gem from a custom source, and it has dependencies on a separate source, you need to list both sources in geminstaller.yml.

This comes up when you are installing a gem from github and that gem depends on other gems from rubyforge. You can specify multiple sources by adding more –source attributes.

  1. Josh Susser says:

    Several projects have run into this issue when moving to Engine Yard. Adding the eycap gem to geminstaller.yml would cause the deploy to fail, since we were all silly noobs and only added a single –source option to the entry for eycap, so rubygems couldn’t find the dependencies in rubyforge. This entry works ok though:

    – name: eycap
    install_options: “–source= –source=”
    version: >= 0.3.7

  2. Chad Woolley says:

    Adding this option to rubygems (which was Josh’s idea) would solve this issue:

    –[no-]use-configured-sources, with –use-configured-sources being the default.

    Just needs to be made into a rubygems patch!

    — Chad

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