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No go on #nogo


  • #nogo links triggered on Firefox 15.0.1

We are using jqeury-ui-selectmenu and on some menus, selecting from the menu routes to the embedded href in the link (#nogo) instead of triggering the handlers. This is only a problem on firefox 15.0.1+.


  • UTF-8 encoded emails in ActionMailer

We ran into a problem with incorrectly encoded UTF-8 characters in emails generated by our rails app.

We spent a few hours investigating this. It turns out the premailer-rails3 gem we were using for CSS inlining was at fault. We switched to the actionmailer_inline_css gem, which handles UTF-8 properly.

This is likely to be an issue for any Rails 3 site that puts user generated content in email templates (names, etc).


  1. Esteban says:

    Also, another good gem for managing inline styles on mail is roadie:
    It doesn’t mess with UTF-8 or any encoding and integrates pretty well with the asset pipeline

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