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NYC Stand Up 10/13 2008


“All your brunch is belong to us” – Damon McCormick

NYC Ruby Tomorrow

Erector 0.4.200 was released. New features include:

  • The Widget#join method, which joins an Array of text/widgets, with a separator which is text or a widget. This translates the standard idiom, without needing calls to raw.

    join [ “People”, “Projects” ], ” | “

  • Added a Pretty Printer which can be enabled by Erector::Doc.prettyprint_default = true (for example in development.rb)

JsUnit runs very slowly on the CI box on OSX and eventually times out, unless we open a VNC window to the machine. We tried upgrading to a more recent JsUnit, but couldn’t get that to work at all.

Nanite looks really cool.

  1. Ray says:

    The JsUnit problem sounds like you may be running out of entropy on your system.

    Try writing a few thousand bytes to /dev/random before running JsUnit to see if that speeds up your runs.

  2. Dr Nic says: (+ are alternatives to jsunit. Of course no one wants to port code from one framework to another, but figured I’d mention it. Might be helpful in future.

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