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NYC Stand Up 10/15 – 10/16 2008



  • Autocompleters – Which one do we use?

    • We are currently using the YUI autocompleter from YUI 2.4.1 which works well. However, we are making significant architectural changes, and the “new” way used the YUI autocomplenet from 2.6.0.
      We don’t want to install YUI just for the autocompleter and we don’t want to deal with the version mismatch, so we are going to use a different autocompleter. It seems that there are many autocompleters, so which one do we use?

    • NOTE: We ended up going with the jQuery autocompleter. The autocompleter had issues with noConflict mode and with pressing the backspace key. We fixed them and will post the fixed version to Github soon.


  • Postgres replication requires a primary key, and HABTM solutions typically do not use primary keys. Has many through is better anyway.



  • CI build is slow and we don’t know why

    • Our CI build is failing because of the performance issues. Some strange things we noticed:

    • There are many Sockets in the TIME_WAIT state

    • A possible solution is to run the OSX diskutils on the CI box.

    • Piston Hangs when importing a SVN dependency into a Git repo


  • The Heavy team is coming for lunch to discuss process

  • git-svn is difficult to work with

    • Use all Git or all SVN if you can.
  • Polonium

    • Using click_and_wait fixes failures due to timeout on the CI box. It is more performant because click_and_wait is implemented in JS. The standard Polonium wait_for assertions poll into SeleniumRC.

  1. Cristi Balan says:

    You might want to try “braid”: as a faster and more git oriented alternative for vendor branch management. It can import both git and svn repositories.

    It uses specific git features (git merge subtree strategy and various plumbing commands) to keep track of mirrors and to merge them in and is much faster because of that.

  2. Brian Takita says:

    @Cristi – I didn’t know Braid supported SVN. One reason why I stopped using Braid was that it also gave me the entire history, which drastically increases the size of the git repo when importing mature projects (e.g. Rails or rspec).

    Does Braid support “snapshots”, like Piston?

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