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NYC Standup 04/27/2011

Ask for Help

“Brent and Kris asked if anyone had encountered an after_destroy callback being called twice?”

Few suggestions were check that it was only one object being deleted, that there are no dependent objects being cascade deleted, etc.

“Joe asked about how to set default_url_options for? There are no mailers involved as far as he knew.”

Grant suggested trying to set it per class.

“New Lee asked about were there any updates/alternatives for AccessList as the gem is causing him grief with sorting.”

Ian knew of an alternative to AccessTree, Lee is still looking.

Interesting Things

  • Jonathon pointed out that background-color: cover and :clipping were useful for playing with background images
  • New Lee brought up that if you’re using a form builder on a collection Rails will create a hidden for ID which will always get inserted (and may cause a problem if you’re nesting things in a ul or table). To get around this put in a hidden for ID in an appropriate place and Rails will stop generating one.
  • Jonathon ended up being pointed towards Heydown as an alternative to ShowOff for presentations by Davis

  1. Joe Moore says:

    Oops, bad elocution on our part when we asked our questions this morning:

    “What are the alternatives to _acts_as_list_ (not AccessList).”

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