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NYC Standup 04/29/2011

Ask for Help

“Sean asked about git rebase complaining about no changes?”

The suggestion was that it was generally safe to just skip in this situation.

Interesting Things

  1. Tim Connor says:

    Isn’t it traditional to link to things like “an interesting article”?

  2. Jim Kingdon says:

    Yeah, I was wondering about whether a link might be available for “an interesting article”. Can’t just google it without more information, because there have been three zillion and 26 articles about the recent AWS downtime.

  3. Brent Wheeldon says:

    Added the link now that I have it :)

  4. Jim Kingdon says:

    Thanks, Brent. When I saw it go by on I figured that might be the one, but always nice to see that I didn’t miss the one you had in mind.

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