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NYC Standup 2: Fun with sed and git


“Showing multiple errors on a field in Rails?”

Often you’ll have multiple validations on a field, for example, ensuring a date is present and also that it is in the right range. If you don’t want to just render the array of errors, one way to go is to create fancier errors using custom validators that will be easier to parse and play with in your view than a bunch of concatenated strings.

“Cross browser testing in the cloud?”

A pivot (who will remain unnamed) wishes to view a webpage on various browser configurations, for example, IE6, in the “cloud.” Pivotal humans suggest Browser Shots.

Interesting Things

“Careful with your command line…”

Careful with your usage of commands like
find . -type f | xargs your_favorite_command
in projects with a git repo. Pretty sure you (I) didn’t mean to do a global search replace inside of the

  1. Matt Conway says:

    Ive also had good luck with for xbrowser testing. Goes a step further and actually analyses render issues for you as well as maintaining a history of changes to a page.

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