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NYC Standup 2011-03-30


Floating an image to the bottom right of an element and having text flow around it. Is there a pure CSS solution to this or is Javascript required?


Adam wanted an easy command to run during deployment to get the remote master SHA1 of a git submodule.
The command he was interested in was:
git show origin master -- vendor/your-submodule-here

Josh mentioned that Capybara has a new DSL that makes steak unneeded. There’s a good post here on how to get started with it.

  1. Adam Berlin says:

    We ended up using git log -p -n1 origin master — vendor/your-submodule-here instead because git show only gives you information for the commit at the HEAD of origin master. git log -p -n1 gives you the last commit for the submodule and you can parse out the SHA1 from the commit message.

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