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NYC Standup: 2011-04-20


“How to diagnose a prolonged environment load?”

Boulder folks in town are experiencing a problem on a project where the Rails environment takes ~5 minutes to boot. They’ve timed the
in their code and the delay seems to be after that. What’s a good way to approach this issue?



JPB passes along, a color scheme with some nice visual and ergonomic properties.

  1. I use ruby-prof to diagnose environment loads. You can require rubygems and ruby-prof and start it before booting your application, then dump the results at_exit. Then just run “rails runner ”” to load and exit.

  2. Jack Dempsey says:

    Are the Boulder folks using 1.9 and rails 3? 1.9 does some crazy path checking on each require that leads to a long startup…but on the order of 20 seconds, not five minutes.

    Are the ActiveRecord models loading any huge amounts of data? Complex selects across huge tables?

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