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NYC Standup: 2011-07-29


“How to test content_for in a view using rspec-rails 2?”

It looks like rspec used to have a convenience method for testing what was passed to a content_for in a view. What are the options for testing this? One option is rendering the entire view in a controller test using render_views and testing the content there.

Mocking out the call to content_for would be nice, but it’s difficult to get a hold of the view object which this method is called on in your view.

“What do you recommend for autoresizing textareas as users interact with them?”

A few projects are using Autogrow Textarea.

This one looks nice as well, though I haven’t a chance to use it besides the demo on the page.


“apply @font-face directly to elements containing text, not their parents”

Looks like you might get some unexpected aliasing artifacts with @font-face if you don’t heed the advice given above.

“fields_for: child-index vs. index?”

You might come across

f.fields_for :object, :child-index: => i


f.fields_for object, :index => i

when you’re making many fieldsets. What’s the difference?

As you might notice above, the form helpers use child-index for the indices on the inputs when the object to render fields for is a symbol (or a string), and index when passed an actual object.

Now for some gems that some Pivotal folks have found useful recently

  • validates_timeliness for your date and time validation needs

  • hash_syntax converts hashes between the :key => value and key: value syntax (or the other way).


Yoga tonight. Stay cool over the weekend!

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