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NYC Standup 8/23/2011: Alias_attribute, AWS memcache, Syck

Interesting Things

  • Ian and Ben pointed out that alias_attribute, a little-known Rails helper, can be used to alias a method for an ActiveRecord attribute. Alias_method will not work for this purpose.
  • JT informed us that Amazon Web Services has debuted a new memcache tool known as ElastiCache.
  • Micah added that Google has announced an open source version of the Chromium browser for Android.

Ask for Help

  • Nick was having problems with installing Lobot, a Pivotal gem to automate the creation of continuous integration (CI) instances. He was getting an error pertaining to syck parsing of a gemspec. Lee had seen this bug before, which relates to the strictness of YAML parsing in Syck versus Psych.

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