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Open Source Development Workshop — Thursday, October 28 at 6:30PM

Open Source Development Workshop

Thursday, October 28 at 6:30PM

Pivotal Labs is hosting and our own Sarah Mei is leading an open source workshop for developers interested in learning about contributing to open source projects. Sarah will be using the Diaspora project as an example, and the Diaspora team will be on hand to assist. Email Sarah at sarahmei at pivotallabs dot com for more info, or view the meetup page here

Standup 2010-10-26 and 2010-10-27


“How do I use RVM on the server?”

RVM on the server can be fraught with peril. Be sure that your (or your process’s) shell is being invoked in a way which plays nice with RVM, for instance bash -lc or bash -ic in cron.

“Why does Google Street View give me a grey dead area instead of a picture of some dude’s house?”

Most likely this is due to having requested a view for an area where none is available. The Google docs have been found to be a bit misleading on this, however there is an api call to see if there is an available street view for a given radius — try increasing this radius near your lat & long until you get success in order to avoid a useless response.


  • Running MySql in ramdisk does not yield any discernable performance boost for small to medium-sized rails projects, for test suites or the app itself. This is probably due to the fact that most projects’ code and data are already small enough to fit in cache.
  • Looking for a real perf boost? Try REE with the Twitter GC tweaks

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