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Rager Party (Standup 7/31/12)


  • New Mail Rack

There’s a new mail rack near the lockers.

  • Capybara inconsistent about what page it’s on

We have a spec that does something along the lines of

visit '/#foo'
visit '/#bar'
page.should have_content("bar")

The save_and_open_page gives the bar page, but the assertion fails because it looks for "bar" in the contents of the foo page rather than the bar page.

One suggestion was to tell capybara to resync.

  • Webviews for iOS app – slow?

One team was worried about the speed of Webviews versus the speed of e.g. mobile Safari. It was suggested to try it and see, benchmark even.


  • Mad at your Rails logs? Try Lograge uses the amazing notification system in Rails 3 – which itself is worth a read – to make more useful logs for staging & production environments. Looks like it came out of the TravisCI project. And if you’re logging to Splunk, this is more like what you want.

  • Jasmine busted after Firefox upgrade?

Upgrade the selenium-webdriver gem to 2.25.0 and happiness will prevail.

  1. john f says:

    THANK YOU FOR THIS: “Upgrade the selenium-webdriver gem to 2.25.0 and happiness will prevail.” I luckily read this just after having upgraded Firefox. You saved me some hair pulling.

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