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Rails 3 RC!

Ask for Help

“What good OpenID solutions are there for rails?”

Janrain provides a service and the rpx_now gem that can handle a lot of the OpenID logic for you.

Interesting Things

  • You can use rvm with the --rvmrc --create flags to create a .rc file in any directory that will set the version of ruby to use in that directory. A few people said this is particularly useful to do in the root directory of your projects.
  • jQuery 1.4.3 has a bug with IE7 and live events, e.g. if you register a live event for form submits and for button clicks, when a user clicks a form’s submit button on the click event is fired and not the submit event. 1.42 seems to work correctly.
  • There’s an Android meetup tonight about real time development here in SF. Check it out if you’re interested! We’ve had good experiences at previous meetups with this group.
  • And last but not least… a Rails 3 RC came out late last night! Looks like they’re hoping to have an official release in a few weeks.

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