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[SF][Standup] 09/19/12: ActiveAdmin vs. RailsAdmin… Arrrggg!


  • ActiveAdmin after_save

If you are using ActiveAdmin, beware that the after_save callback gets fired both when the model gets saved, and when there are validation errors on the model.

It really behaves like a callback after the model save method gets called, regardless of its return value.

  • Testing RailsAdmin custom actions

Let’s say you’re writing a RailsAdmin custom action, and you want to test it with a request spec.

If the test passes when guard is on, but fails when guard is off, then you’ve forgotten that the RailsAdmin initializer does not run when loading a rake task. It does run as part of bundle exec guard start.

This is a performance ‘optimization’ that RailsAdmin adds.

To turn it back on, so you can test custom actions:

task :default => [:load_rails_admin_initializer]
task :load_rails_admin_initializer do

  • International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Arrrgggggg me mateys! To your pairs you scabrous dogs!

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