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SF Standup 2/3/2012: Fixnum[what?]

Ask for Help

“In an android web browser, if I have an autocomplete menu, and I click on one of the items, the click is registered on that item, but also seems to pass through to the elements behind it. For instance, a different text input was behind it, and became focused.”

“Yep, that bug sucks.” “The world may never know.”

Interesting Things

  • Fixnum’s [] operator works! According to the ruby docs

    “Bit Reference—Returns the nth bit in the binary representation of fix, where fix is the least significant bit.”

    # 2:Fixnum in binary is 10, right? So…
    2[0] = 0
    2[1] = 1


    a = 0b11001100101010
    30.downto(0) do |n| print a[n] end


  • innotop innotop is a ‘top’ clone for MySQL with more features and flexibility than similar tools. It’ll let you do all sorts of dangerous things to your database! Have fun!!

  • apparently accepts job applications via API! Check it out at

  • jQuery and the resize event – If you trigger a resize even on any object other than the window, it will not trigger the binding on that element. It will, however, trigger any resize bindings you have on window.

  • Did you commit to git under the wrong author’s name and email? Use
    --ammend --reset-author after committing, but before pushing (unless you want a pain in the tuchus)

    mkdir foo
    cd foo
    git init
    touch README
    git config --global "Santa Claus"
    git config --global ""
    git add .
    git commit -m "Commit from Santa Claus"
    git show
    # commit e5f4ebe6c689ddbf4ff595855fec544da5d8ce01
    # Author: Santa Claus <>
    # Oops! I'm not Santa Claus
    git config --global "Easter Bunny"
    git config --global ""
    git commit --amend --reset-author
    git show
    # commit d523479d487d04388972bea872913ffda734ef89
    # Author: Easter Bunny <>
  • Looking to game the system on Superbowl Game day? Check out Onsi’s Super Square stats app for your Squares pool.

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