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SF Standup 2012-02-14


Headless Selenium

Ken is running his integration tests in parallel on multiple Selenium instances. It’s working well for him, but having 6 Firefox windows up, makes working on the machine a pain. So he is wondering if there is a way to run FF in headless mode on OS X.

It was suggested to change the Mission Control settings so that Firefox always comes up in a separate space.

Which Gems for Twitter and Facebook

Tim wants to know which gems are currently en vogue for posting to Twitter and Facebook.

The gems to use are still the twitter gem and the koala gem

Assigning Command + Esc

Expose used to be assigned to Command + Esc. Now that that’s gone the key combination should be available to be linked to. However, it seems like the key combination still can’t be used.


Capybara find(…) and stale elements

Davis’s help from yesterday about stale element exceptions in Capybara got resolved. It turns out that Capybara cache find results. If you execute find twice and move the element between the executions, Capybara will complaint about a stale element, instead of running find again.

Capybara has_selector vs. has_no_selector

Capybara’s has_selector and has_no_selector matchers will wait for the selector to match something, in order to deal with timing issues. When using the manually negated form not.has_selector Capybara can’t know that it is supposed for the condition to become true. In fact it will be waiting for the element to be there instead of the element not to be there. So if a element is supposed to disappear and you are using not.has_selector to test that, by the time Capybara runs the matcher your element might still be there and Capbara returns true and you get an error, although the element would have disappeared shortly after. The has_no_selector matcher on the other hand would keep checking until the element disappeared.

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