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[SF] Standup 4/25/2012: Haproxymations

Ask for Help

What’s the best way to think about redirects for API calls? e.g. You post to create an object, what should you get in return?

The crowd: Some concensus emerged around: send back a 201 with a location header pointing to the url for the object and a body containing the object itself.

Mongoid’s atomic operations don’t trigger hooks (before_save, after_save, etc…)

The crowd: Crickets…

haproxy, like nginx, can pass http connection through with the header ‘X-Forwarded-For’ set so that it is possible for the app to know the original client IP. But haproxy doesn’t have support for serving as an SSL endpoint, so https:// connections are proxied in tcp mode instead of http mode. And no headers can be added because the request remains encrypted.

Some solutions:

  • Terminate the SSL connection in front of haproxy. PIvots suggested doing this via an additional nginx instance. Online resources show how to do this using stunnel. (

  • Use nginx as the load balancer and discontinue using haproxy, or find a load balancer that fully supports SSL.

  • Build HAProxy with TPROXY support.

  1. Cody says:

    The Bump guys released STUD which they use as an SSL/TLS terminator.

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