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[SF] Standup 4/26/2012: Hush Terminal, Hush


“How do I prevent the asset pipeline from concatenating all my javascript when running Jasmine tests?”

Max has an almost-there solution that he sent out to the mailing list:

module Jasmine
  class Config
    def src_files
      Rails.application.assets["application"] do |asset|
        "assets/" + asset.logical_path

This only works if application.js requires all relevant javascript, and contains no code itself.

“I’m looking for a client-side JS syntax highlighter!”

  • Don’t use: pygments — it’s what GitHub uses and is server-side only.
  • Consider using: code mirror


That slowness when you start Terminal? It’s parsing through all your system logs to figure out when the last log-in occured. Speed up your terminal with

touch ~/.hushlogin

http != https — who knew? Turns out sending an AJAX post from a non-secured origin (http) to a secured end point (https) smacks agains the same-origin policy. Solutions?

  • Bring up and iframe pointed to https and AJAX post from there.
  • Or (better): Enforce SSL on the originating page.

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