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[SF Standup 8/9/2011]: Answering our own questions

Ask for Help

“Does the selenium driver send mouse events?”

Yes… but, for drag and drop testing, it is often impossible to get right. The best alternative is to use the jQuery simulate plugin as mentioned in the jQuery forum

“Why does AREL make some associations read-only (and then raise ActiveRecord::ReadOnly exceptions)?”

This happens around associations that create compound objects (such as by the popular paperclip gem), where AR can’t know what is writable and what isn’t. The solution (as blogged about many times), is to include a :select => 'foo.*' in your query to pull out only the writable attributes.

“Be wary of using RR to stub class methods in ActionMailer”

It has something to do with both ActionMailer and RR using method_missing and, of course, not playing nicely together. The other solution mentioned was to stub on .any_instance instead of the class methods. Other references Pivotal Blabs-NY Standup and Technical.Pickles.

  1. csmrfx says:

    Did you really invent the time machine? Do tell us which won in 2012, apple or android? :D

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