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Stand Up – 19 October, 2009

[Title]Standup 19 October, 2009

Pretty tame for my first day as the Standup Blogger for Pivotal Labs. I think the other Pivots were taking it easy on me today.


  • Someone (sorry, still trying to learn names and match them to faces) asked if anyone had an information regarding Ruby Enterprise Edition. Good idea? Bad idea? It was brought up that, for a while at least, REE was broken for 64-bit. Is that still the case?
  • The only other thing brought up was another Pivot asked if any of the Jasmine and Jelly experts would stick around after Stand Up to give him some advice.

  1. julsevern says:

    REE is a must. Even for 64bit. It’s upgraded to 1.8.7, and got MBARI patches. About 30% extra speed, more memory saved.

    While I couldn’t yet build a version for FreeBSD, it works like a charm on Linux and OSX (I don’t know about Solaris, sorry).

  2. Mark Turner says:

    I can confirm that REE does work on OpenSolaris 2009.06

  3. Luke Melia says:

    +1 for REE. Cut response time to 40% of MRI for us after tuning GC.

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