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Standup 01/08/2009: libxml leaky; set TZ


  • libxml 0.96 and 0.97 leak massive amounts of memory. Don’t forget that libxml has other problems, too, as mentioned by us before. That said, it’s our go-to XML parser.

  • Several teams have had success with the IE6 PNG fix “DD_belatedPNG” by Drew Diller. But, do not attempt with <tr> or <td> elements, though <td><span>...</span></td> does work.

  • Want to speed up ruby? Who doesn’t? Check it out: when you do not set the TZ environment variable, ruby shells out several times per second to see if the timezone has changed. To avoid this, run the following:

$ export TZ=:/etc/localtime

Thank you Joe Damato!

  • One project recently switched to Passenger with great success. Hundreds of mongrel processes are now gone, deploys are easier and speedier, and the site is faster. WIN!

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