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Standup 01/13/2012: I certainly don't have a branch named "-"

Ask for Help

“Trying to write a custom Rails I18n exception handler to catch MissingTranslationData exceptions”

The API didn’t seem to do what it claimed it should.

“RubyMine EAP undo behavior seems broken, it only wants to undo a file deletion, and then go back no farther in history.”

It was suggested that RubyMine undo is context sensitive, and having focus on the file browser has a different undo stack from the editor window.

“mysql2 gem on Lion is giving us an error: “Library not loaded… Image not found” and then a path pointing down into our RVM directory.”

Building the gem with options pointing to your mysql directory was suggested.

Interesting Things

“git checkout -” will toggle you between your last two checkouts (branches or just plain SHA’s). Handy if you are switching back and forth. Can’t seem to find it mentioned anywhere in the docs though.

  1. josh susser says:

    `cd -` in bash is probably the inspiration for `git checkout -`. It changes back to the previous directory. Someone was being cute :)

  2. “git checkout -”

    This behavior is actually mentioned in the man page:

    As a special case, the “@{-N}” syntax for the N-th last branch checks out the branch (instead of detaching). You may also specify – which is synonymous with “@{-1}”.

    Thanks anyway, it’s gonna be useful :)

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