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Standup 01/14/2008

Interesting Things

  • Thin is a new webserver that we haven’t tried yet, but we’re interested in. It’s billed as being faster than Mongrel; it uses the Mongrel parsing engine, Event Machine for I/O, and Rack to interface between server and Ruby framework. Because it uses Rack, it may have problems doing streaming. Anyone have experiences with it to report?

  1. macournoyer says:

    What do you mean: “Because it uses Rack, it may have problems doing streaming” ?

    You can find some user feedback on the google group :

  2. Shifra Pride Raffel says:

    Thanks for stopping by to comment — I’m honored! I’m conferring with other folks here about what gave us that impression. Stay tuned. We’ll welcome refutation.

  3. Josh Susser says:

    @macournoyer: From what I’ve heard, Rack hides the transport (socket or whatever) behind an abstraction, so you can’t get to it to stream data without some heroics. According to Ezra Zygmuntovich, you have to load all your data into memory in one chunk. He says he’s working on a patch for Rack, so that should improve soon.

  4. macournoyer says:

    hey guys, just to let you know that latest version of Thin (0.5.4) supports streaming.

    I’ve worked w/ Ezra on that one and it respects Rack specs. The response body is sent by chunk yielded by body#each. So you can control the size of each chunk by overriding the each method.

    And it’s also a lot faster and consume less memory ;)

    Let me know if you have any other suggestions about thin.

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