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Standup 01/17/2012: Cross-Site Development

Helpful Things

“I’m making an HTML5 web app that consumes a web service, and in development the browser is blocking cross-site requests from localhost. How can I just turn off this security while developing?”

Chrome has a command-line flag just for this occasion! –disable-xss-auditor
For everything else, change your hosts file to have the target site on localhost.

“Rails 3.1 seems to be slowing down my test suite to be about twice as slow. Seems to have something to do with garbage collection time. Thoughts?”

… no one had any definite answers.

  1. Brennan says:

    hosts file needs to be in every developer’s toolbox, seriously.

  2. Jay Zeschin says:

    If you control the API, setting up the server to allow CORS requests from localhost to be preflighted would work as well.

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